Hugh Lovels’ – ‘Spot on’

This has been quite a week. (21 August 2015) Whew, and the most wonderful event this week has been my discovery of what Hugh Lovel wrote about his investigations into my Chemistry (Glenological Chemistry). In his recent book ‘Quantum Agriculture – Biodynamics and Beyond’, in the chapter entitled ‘Beyond Biodynamics – Agriculture as it might be taught’, which specifically focuses on my approach, findings and artwork.

Answer to replies on my ‘BD in a rational world’ article

In the vol 67-2 issue of Harvests magazine, there are two replies to my article ‘BD in the Rational World’. One is by David Wright and the other is from Andrew Seeger. Given I have recently resigned my membership of the BDANZ, I will not be replying to these articles in that forum, so this one will have to do.

Hugh Lovel on ‘Glenological Chemistry’

In Hughs recent book ‘Quantum Agriculture – Biodynamics and Beyond’ in the chapter entitled ‘Beyond Biodynamics – Agriculture as it might be taught’ which specifically focuses on my approach and findings, he says regarding my efforts with chemistry “Time after time my knowedge of biochemical reactions has confirmed that Glen’s conclusions are spot on.”Thanks Hugh………. 

‘Understanding the Agriculture Course’

Biodynamicswhat is it and how can we use itGlen Atkinson is moving away from the Bay of Plenty and will  take his decades of research into Biodynamics with him.  He has offered to share his perspective on ‘the Agriculture Course’ with us before he leaves.  This is the series of lectures which Rudolf Steiner gave to a group of farmers in 1924, and forms the basis of biodynamics.

Chaos Springs – success with ThermoMax and FG4

Here is a letter from Steve Erickson , of Chaos Springs, telling of their success on their citrus orchard with ThermoMax (during -6C frosts). and with the control of the fungal disease varicoses, with FG4 – our environmental harmonisersee the the full letter here

Answers to critics

Over the years  some criticisms of ‘my approach’ have gotten back to me. Glen’s approach is too ‘heady’, and we are practical farmers(1) No I am not a farmer, I have not been blessed with inheriting a farm, however I have continually been a gardener since 1976. I have had experience on larger properties, but mostly home gardens, with the last 10 years managing a 1 hectare mixed horticultural property.

Biodynamic Agriculture speaks with a Forked Tongue

Have you ever wondered why BD people do not make sense once their explanations move beyond the basic BD actions? Why they flit off into religious and faith based stories filled with elemental beings, angels and other unproven dimensions?It is because ‘they’, as a movement do not have a co ordinated understanding, due to one central concept not being widely understood.

Medical or Modern Biodynamics – the scorecard

In my article ‘The Problem of the Etheric Formative Forces v4’, I identified ‘the problem’ as the difference between identifying the primary formative cause of lifeforms as ‘The Stars’ – in line with astronomy, several leading Biodynamic scholars of the past, and the Apop medical view of the world. While ‘Modern BD’ says the primary cause of lifeforms comes from the The Etheric Formative Forces which find their source in ‘The Cosmic Ether’. It then follows that the ethers are the main formative activities in life forms.

The Problem of the Etheric formative Forces v6

A central problem for Biodynamic Agriculture is they have two different worldviews, being told by different groups around the world. Worst of all ‘they’ do not know they are confused, and that they are confusing everyone who tries to understand them. This IS a problem.

The Spirit in Biodynamics

Here is a link to an article on the role of the Spirit in Biodynamic Agriculture

Chartres Labyrinth

Here is a link to my article on the internal organisation of the Chartres Labyrinth  

BD Ag – Earth Astrology (AFA Research journal 2015)

Biodynamic Agriculture – Earth AstrologyThis is an article recently published in the American Federation Of Astrologers 2015 Research Journal, of how Biodynamic Agriculture is an expression of fundamental Astrological principles.

Sandflies control by ‘The Octagon’

A wee story about the power of the OctoganWe were out to dinner last night -outside- and the sandflies were biting 4 of us.

Hugh Lovel’s comments on the Glenological Periodic Table

Recently Hugh cc ed me in on a conversation he was having with a USA  BD official, where he talked on his experience with my Chemistry. Biodynamic Chemistry   and Alchemical Chemistry  

Are the chemical elements dead?

Today I had a interesting conversation on a e list, some of which answers some basic questions about bring chemistry to life.