The chapter in Spiral Astrology on Essence Treatments


AllisOnes (The Garuda Rescue Remedy)


AllisOnes are a general essence of balance and centred calm. This essence balances the four bodies interaction.

For strong specific issues, AllisOnes provides relief for 2 hr’s, while the appropriate specific remedies, provide longer lasting influence.



To calm the Astrality
Take Astral Coolers twice within an hour, then if needed.




Willness  has a ‘organising’ influence and is often well used, shortly after using Astral Coolers.




ETHERICS 3 is for when things are generally sick and exhausted . ETHERICS 3 specifically strengthens the Etheric body’s functioning, which in turn influences the immune functioning. ETHERICS 3 are a great base for the later inclusion of specific Bach Flower Remedies .




Rhythmics are aimed at the harmonious working of that region Dr Steiner identified as the ‘Rhythmic’ system centred in the ‘chest’ or middle part of the plant.

Use 10 drops whenever symptoms arise, and then as needed.




While Astral Coolers give general relief from many disturbances, it sometimes takes more specific remedies to provide lasting relief. Snifflers are for the region Dr Steiner identifies as the ‘Nerve Sense’ pole, centred in the ‘head’ or Root region.

Use 10 drops whenever symptoms arise, and then as needed.




Metabolics are for the region Dr Steiner identifies as the ‘Metabolic’ pole, centred in the ‘belly’ or flower region.

Use 10 drops whenever symptoms arise, and then as needed.




Echinacea Gold is made from Echinacea Purpurea and Golden Seal, we have grown biodynamically here in New Zealand. Tinctures of these plants have been combined with Astral Cooler and Etherics 3 to provide a dynamic mixture to help build the immune system, while providing anti bacterial and anti viral properties. The Garuda essences support the spiritual body function of these same physical processes.


Prolonged use of the more specific essences can create imbalance.
Once a chronic state has been reduced, we recommend that you use AllisOnes
once every few days, when taking the other remedies.


For your convenience we have made two boxed sets of remedies. These are ideal for the home and for travel. 4 ESSENCES PER BOX


Box One

General Body Balancing
AllisOnes, Ego Pullers, Astral Coolers, Etherics 3


Box one provides the tools to balance the primary causes of most disturbances of the energetic bodies.


Box Two

Specific Physical System Remedies
Snifflers, Rhythmics, Metabolics, Echinacea Gold




An astrological chart has proven to be a very effective way to provide an individual  remedy for the present condition. Most conditions not addressed by one of our general remedies can most probably be addressed by using the astrology chart to develop a specific GARUDA REMEDY. Contact GARUDA for personal consultations and for any Bach flowers you require.