It is one thing to identify an issue and it is another to change or modify the power of the Astral body. Garuda and Bach flower essences have been the way I have managed to bridge the gap between my head and my body. Astrology effectively tells me what is going on and these essences work to moderate the physical effects of the Astral body or Ego to the degree I can then have some objectivity and decision in the process. I have been working with these essences since 1983 and have found them invaluable.

I developed the Garuda essences from the Biodynamic agricultural preparations outlined by Rudolf Steiner. These herbal preparations, while initially given to help with soil development and composting processing, work directly upon the spiritual bodies in all organic processes. The etheric , astral and egoic forces active in plants and animals are the same forces active in humans as well. So if they effect the spiritual balance in plants they will effect it in Humans as well. Since 1980 I have been exploring this possibility and am in no doubt of the role they can play in human health. The key factor is that they have a direct effect on the four bodies. The essences outlined below are the general ones I have developed so far for public use.

The Bach flower essences were developed in England at the beginning of this century by Dr Edward Bach. These are essences made from the flowers of various plants. They have a very gentle effect on the emotional mental interactions. In my experience and language they work on very specific parts of the Astral body.

So the way I use both these systems is to address the large scale body imbalance with the Garuda essences and add in the necessary Bach Flower remedy for fine tuning. I use the Astrology chart as the diagnostic tool of what to prescribe. In 1983 I matched up the Bach Flowers with the planetary aspects which cause the tension in the first place and have found this a valuable combination. My suggestions for this are outlined below.

Garuda Essences
AllisOnes have been developed to generally balance the working of the four bodies. It is made from all of the 8 Biodynamic preparations. In this way the complete balancing process is achieved. This has the effect of harmonising whatever imbalance is occurring and moving your consciousness to the centre of the gyroscope. This is the Garuda Rescue Remedy. It is the first aid kit in a bottle. Whatever the imbalance a period of relief will be experienced. Generally it will be of a shorter duration than if a specific essence is used.

Everything from shock, tiredness, hunger, oncoming flu symptoms, travel sickness, jet lag, headache, flatulence , you name it has been relieved with this essence. This is a great essence for children and the maintenance of their well being.

Etherics 3
Etherics 3 is primarily designed to help with chronic fatigue. A weaken etheric body can develop for many reasons. Generally it is because it has been attacked by the Astral body or the Ego. This can show up through viral (ego imbalance) or bacterial (astral imbalance) infestation or general over indulgent abuse. When someone is sick and weak their Etheric body is generally weak due to the over activity of the Astral or Ego bodies. Etherics 3 aims to strengthen the etheric and thus pushes off the other bodies. This can lessen the experience of pain (astral), calm stomachs , help relieve headaches, provide more energy, allow you to sleep,

Debilitating planetary aspects which impact on the physical well being like Saturn, Sun/Moon, Saturn in the 6th house, Saturn Pluto aspects will all be relieved with this essence. Most other harsh planetary influences can also be pushed off using Etherics 3.

Astral Coolers
Astral coolers are designed to weaken the effect of the Astral body. In our present state of humanity and pollution where alive oxygen is becoming reduced, we are seeing the results of an overactive Astral body. An overactive astral shows up as extreme restlessness, an inability to relax, darting from one thing to another, ADD, thin bodies, very intelligent yet annoying children, emotional instability, psychic disturbances and attack. All that was outlined as negative development of the Sentient Soul and Spirit self stages of evolution will be helped by Astral Coolers.

Astral Coolers generally pull the Astral body off. This therefore allows the etheric body to work more strongly upwards and in turn it also allows the Ego to work in more strongly inwards as well. The Etheric body will then act as a calming effect while the Ego can organise and focus the consciousness once again.

The Bach and other flower essences are working in the same way as Astral Coolers, however they are very specific in their action while Astral Coolers are much more general. I often use the Astral Coolers as the base for Flower essences. They work very well together.

Just about all planetary aspects will benefit from using Astral Coolers.

Ego Pullers
Ego pullers are designed to incarnate the spirit more strongly. This can be needed either because the ego is not wanting to incarnate, due to a very active Neptune or because it is being pushed out by the etheric ( over active Moon as in pregnancy ) or the Astral body ( Uranus, Jupiter, Mars through over excitement). Most often it is an overly dominant Astral body which pushes the Ego out.

Symptoms for Ego Pullers are dreaminess, difficulty in focusing, finding lots of reasons why you should not do something when you really need too. Hyperactivity, feeling scattered. Many women find Ego Pullers useful for focusing their multi tasked lives.

Ego Pullers will help to organise Astral possession however in cases of severe Astral disturbance such as Autism, manic or hysteric states it is often necessary to use Astral Coolers first, even for a couple of days before using Ego Pullers. An overly active Ego manifests itself as compulsion, fanaticism, highly driven people. They have little feeling with complete focus on a specific goal. In severe Astral possession the use of Ego Pullers can just add compulsion to the manic Astral state. This can push the individual deeper into their neurosis. By using Astral Coolers and Bach Flowers for a period prior to incarnating the Ego it has the effect of dampening down or breaking the Astral possession, so the Ego can incarnate and organise the Astral body once again.

Ego possession
Ego possession manifests as a compulsion and extreme goal orientation. The Astral body can be weak, so the individuals emotional responses are repressed. Physically the intensity of the individual will burn up too much Etheric force so they can often be quite thin. Due to their lack of connection with their emotional life they often are addicted to nicotine as an emotional suppressant. Their tempers are short and understanding and tolerance of other people can be limited. In many ways they are becoming soulless people with little desire to ‘smell the roses’.

Our modern society especially with our high pollution environments with much Carbon and Hydrogen is naturally forcing many people into Ego possession. As a result many people make an unconscious attempt to balance this out by stimulating their Astral body through the use of Alcohol and soft drugs such as nicotine, marijuana, LSD or ecstasy. All of these nitrogen alkoild drugs in one way or the other stimulates the astral body, which in turn pushes back the Ego , providing the individual with the opportunity to ‘feel’ once again. As these are Astral stimulants and the Ego is already overactive this lifestyle runs the severe risk of complete Etheric depletion. Both the Astral and Ego consume the Etheric. Therefore good nutrition and sleep are necessary to allow the Etheric body to recharge itself.

Rhythmics are a specific essence designed to help with all imbalances of the rhythmic system. This is essentially the relationships taking place in the chest region. This brings balance back into the heart and lung region with specific emphasis on the lungs. This therefore helps with Asthma in particular. Essentially they are a Astral Cooler for the chest. Asthma and related problems are often based upon a psychological disturbance which is holding the individual back from receiving life giving air. The Astral body is contracting the chest. By releasing the Astral possession breathing can resume. The real way of addressing this is to address the issue which stands behind it. Diagnosis through the birth chart helps to identify the cause and specific flower essences can then be used to support the healing of the base cause. Generally Saturn aspects to the Moon, Sun or Venus are associated with Asthma. This is often characterised by an inability to receive and give love. Feelings of inadequacy, loneliness, abandonment and rejection often by one or other parent. The Bach flowers Chicory, Rock water, Larch and Crab Apple are useful to accompany Rhythmics.

Generally Rhythmics are used in conjunction with any puffer treatments in the early stages. I suggest people use the Rhythmics as soon as they feel a tightening of the chest. Use it again five minutes later if needed then if no relief is experienced then use the puffer. After a short period most people have found they can do away with their puffer altogether. If this has not been possible with just the Rhythmics then further flower essence treatment will be necessary

Rhythmics are ideal for air pollution as experienced in modern urban environments they help to free the chest however can do little to solve the problem of external pollution continually stimulating irritation.

Snifflers are a specific remedy for an Astral attack of the nerve sense system of the head. This characterised usually by sinus, catarrh, head colds, hayfever etc. Its goal it is relieve the congestion in the head.

Echinacea Gold
Echinacea Gold is a complex of Etherics 3, Astral coolers, Echinacea and Golden Seal. This remedy is specifically designed to boost the immune system and fight infections and especially flu and colds. It is best used when the first symptoms of a cold are felt. If caught early then only one dose is usually sufficient to stop any further infection. Once a cold has taken hold , Echinacea Gold will help to relieve the symptoms and speed up the recovery cycle. In this case they are best taken as needed for about four days, take a break for two or three days before taking them again for the next four days or so. Diluted in a little water and drank as a liqueur once every few days and cold and flu are a thing of the past. The herbs in this formula are all hand grown by us to the highest of Biodynamic standards.


Bach Flower Remedies

The Bach flower remedies are used for more specific balances. There are many good books on the traditional interpretations of the Bach remedies. One of these would be good to read through and see how I have made my associations to them. The Astrological association to Bach flowers could be a book all its own. I just wish to present my work as a guide. It is by no means the last word on this subject but can act as a quick reference as a place to begin from.

Bach flowers have been an excellent way of breaking the initial Astral possession and do allow some relief from the Astral body’s madness. For planetary aspects in your birth chart you need to consider that you may need to be using the Bach remedies it indicates for some years, if not the rest of your life. These are your personal remedies. By taking them you will experience the coming and going of your neurosis. This is like exercising a muscle. The more your neurosis comes and goes the more you can get to know what it feels like to have it and then to not have it. This provides another sense other than just astrology to know what it feels like when you are possessed by your astral body and to take your drops.

Planetary transits are a more transitory thing and therefore the remedies for that time will only need to be taken a few times. Remember though an outer planetary transit can take a few years so in the case of a Neptune transit Clematis may be needed for three years or so.

Bach Flowers and Planetary Aspects

Agrimony - nervousness hidden behind pleasantness
lots of Libra. Venus rising, with difficult Moon Mercury Uranus aspects, Jupiter in the 1st,
Garuda remedy to use as a base :- Ego Pullers

Aspen - Unknown fear
Saturn/Neptune, Moon/Neptune, Saturn in 12, Neptune in 12.
Garuda remedy to use as a base :- Ego Pullers

Beech - Overly critical
Virgo, Mercury/Saturn, Mercury/Pluto, Saturn in Virgo, Mercury/Mars in the 6th.
Garuda remedy to use as a base :- Astral Coolers
Centaury - Self sacrificing
Jupiter/Neptune, Pisces, Unaspected Sun, weak Moon, Water signs, in some cases Saturn tensions can do this
Garuda remedy to use as a base :- Ego Pullers

Cerato - Seeking other guidance
Weak Sun, Jupiter /Neptune, Sun in 1, Neptune in 12, tense Sun/Moon, Garuda remedy to use as a base :- Ego Pullers

Cherry Plum - Chaotic emotions
Moon /Uranus tensions,
Garuda remedy to use as a base :- Astral Coolers

Chestnut bud - Slow learners, same mistakes repeatedly
Unaspected Sun or Moon,no outer planet aspects to personal planets, mercury in Taurus, Sun, Neptune or mercury square Saturn, mercury/Saturn/Pluto.
Garuda remedy to use as a base :- Ego Pullers

Chicory - Feeling unloved and unappreciated
Venus/Saturn, Moon/Saturn, Sun/Saturn
Garuda remedy to use as a base :- Astral Coolers

Clematis - Dreaminess
Neptune transits of all kinds, Moon rising, Neptune rising, strong Pisces, Garuda remedy to use as a base :- Ego Pullers

Crab Apple - Fanatical need for cleansing
Virgo, with Mercury, Saturn, Pluto,
Garuda remedy to use as a base :- Astral Coolers

Elm - Worry over size of task
Mercury Saturn, Saturn transits over Jupiter/Neptune,
Garuda remedy to use as a base :- Ego Pullers

Gentian - Easily discouraged
Garuda remedy to use as a base :- Ego Pullers

Gorse - Hopelessness
Moon/Saturn/Neptune, Saturn/Pluto,
Garuda remedy to use as a base :- Ego Pullers

Heather - Difficulty in being alone
Strong 8th, top left side of chart full, lots of 1st,Moon/Mercury/Uranus, difficult 2nd,
Garuda remedy to use as a base :- Ego Pullers

Holly - Jealousy
Scorpio, Moon/Sun/Venus/Pluto,
Garuda remedy to use as a base :- Astral Coolers

Honeysuckle - Letting go of the past
Saturn/Pluto, Sun/Saturn, Pluto on I.C,
Garuda remedy to use as a base :- Astral Coolers

Hornbeam - Daily life too much
Garuda remedy to use as a base :- Ego Pullers

Impatiens - Impatience
Mars/Uranus, Sun/Moon/Mars, Aries, mars 1, - Uranus.,
Garuda remedy to use as a base :- Astral Coolers

Larch - Not good enough
Sun/ Saturn/Neptune, Unaspected Sun,
Garuda remedy to use as a base :- Ego Pullers

Mimulus - Known fear
Saturn/Neptune, Mars Saturn in 12,
Garuda remedy to use as a base :- Astral Coolers

Mustard - Depression
Garuda remedy to use as a base :- Astral Coolers

Oak - a long battle with no quitting
Sun/Saturn/Pluto, Saturn in 10, Capricorn,
Garuda remedy to use as a base :- Ego Pullers

Olive - Exhaustion
Sun/Saturn, Saturn/Pluto,
Garuda remedy to use as a base :- Etherics 3

Pine - Self blame
Sun/Saturn, Venus/Saturn, Saturn in 6th,
Garuda remedy to use as a base :- Astral Coolers

Red Chestnut - Over concern for others
Pluto/Venus, Moon/Jupiter/Neptune, Moon in 7, Cancer, Moon/Saturn, Garuda remedy to use as a base :- Astral Coolers

Rock Rose - Terror
Mars/Pluto/Uranus, Saturn/Pluto/Neptune,
Garuda remedy to use as a base :- Astral Coolers

Rock Water - Hard taskmasters
Sun/Saturn, Moon/Saturn, Saturn transits, Capricorn strong Virgo,
Garuda remedy to use as a base :- Astral Coolers

Scleranthus - Indecision
Jupiter/Saturn, Mars/Saturn, Sun/Moon, lots of 150deg. angles,
Garuda remedy to use as a base :- Ego Pullers

Star of Bethlehem - Shock
Mars/Uranus, Uranus transits,
Garuda remedy to use as a base :- Astral Coolers

Sweet Chestnut - Facing despair and oblivion
Mercury/Saturn/Pluto, age 34, Saturn/Pluto transits,
Garuda remedy to use as a base :- Astral Coolers

Vervain - Strong beliefs and evangelical zeal
Mercury/Mars, Jupiter/Pluto, Moon/Mercury/Mars/Uranus, fire sign on Ascendant, Mars/Jupiter/Uranus,
Garuda remedy to use as a base :- Astral Coolers

Vine - Dominance
Jupiter/Pluto, Mars/Pluto. Leo,
Garuda remedy to use as a base :- Astral Coolers

Walnut - Too psychically open
Moon in 1, Neptune in 1, tense Sun/Moon/Neptune, Uranus/Neptune children of early 1990s,
Garuda remedy to use as a base :- Ego Pullers

Water Violet - Aloofness
Virgo, Moon/Neptune in 1, Capricorn, + Saturn/Neptune,
Garuda remedy to use as a base :- Astral Coolers

White Chestnut - Busy mind
Mercury/Uranus, Mercury /Pluto,
Garuda remedy to use as a base :- Astral Coolers

Wild Oat - Indecision about life path
Unaspected Sun, Sun/Moon, Neptune in 10,
Garuda remedy to use as a base :- Ego Pullers

Wild Rose - Resignation to life as it is
Sun/Moon/Neptune, Sun in 12,
Garuda remedy to use as a base :- Ego Pullers

Willow - embittered by injustice
Pluto/Moon/Venus/Pallas Athene, a deeper resentment than Holly,
Garuda remedy to use as a base :- Astral Coolers

Having said this I appreciate there are other planetary influences these remedies can be used for. If you wish to send me your experiences and use I would happy to make a case study page as a link to this site.