‘Adopt an Octagon’ is a movement to bring the power of the octagon into everyones lives.

A quick look through all cultures art and architecture shows humanity have been ‘worshiping’ the octagon form throughout all of our history. It is seen in the very architecture of many stupas, temples, mosques and cathedrals. These buildings are more than mere structures they are energy organizational devices, which harmonise the environment inside them as well as for many miles beyond their boundaries.

My writings on chemistry outline the archetypal nature of the octagon. Because this shape is an image of the very forces active in the many gyroscopic forms we find within creation, from galaxies to atoms and everything in between, by merely drawing a circle we create a form that is reasonant with all organised creation.

Luckily, there are many of these forms around us, left by earlier generations who had some sense of their importance. They can be found in parks, fountains, carpets and paving all around us. While they are creating organised harmony by just being there, they can be enhanced to work more strongly by us humans putting our willful intention into them. Not only will we benefit but all those around us will benefit as well.

These patterns and buildings are more than harmonising devices, my chemistry has rediscovered the inner organisation of these devices, so that any chemical energy one might like can be gathered from them, for free. See ‘Alchemical Chemistry’. If you can walk around your octagon, you can stand on the particular spot within the octagon to experience, and be affected by that element. These are healing devices that are available to anyone, anytime, anywhere and all for free.

Any size circle or octagon can be used, however it does seem bigger is better. Many are between 13 and 15 meters across, however all sizes are effective.

To make your own, all you need do is draw a circle or octagon of any size and focus one of the sides toward magnetic north. This can be enhanced by bringing as much definition to it as you like. On earth circles the 8 points of the magnet can be marked with stones, while the inner circles can be mown, or marked with pine cones or even a spray can of paint. The circles are placed according to the golden mean math of 1.618, based upon whatever is your outside perimeter.

its that simple. The power of the universe is yours. If lots of people energise octagons all over the planet then everyone will have to live within them and be effectied by their harmonising influence. Humanity can evolve. This is a quite revolution, that we the simple people, can enact to positively influence and benefit life on Earth. Free and powerful. Please join me in this ‘holy task’.