Biodynamic Thought Pictures

The charts available here are A3 posters, that contain a series of individual pictures, which tell a complete and cohesive story of the topic under contemplation. They are presented as much as a puzzle, as a contemplative ‘mandala’, as a teaching aid. The answer to these puzzles is contained in the books, available for free in the online books section, of this website. However part of their ‘magic’ is that the answer is also contained in the associations between all the pictures. As A3 posters they are designed to put on a wall and reflect upon over time, so that the answer can arise as a series of insights, which can be a very exciting experience.

Biodynamics Decoded

Biodynamic Agriculture

BioDynamic Agriculture 2

Biodynamic Agriculture 3

Biodynamic Chemistry

3D Gyro Arms PT 
3D Gyro Rings PT

Apple Periodic North




Hi Res versions of these posters are available, (approx 3 – 4MB) and can be purchased at