In this modern world it seems everything needs a name. Within the scientific worldview there is this wonderful ‘place’ called the conjecture. This is where we are allowed to dream and makeup whatever story we wish, as a possible explanation of whatever we are interested in. Unlike the theorem, which has to be proven right in all circumstances, the conjecture is a beginning, something that is on the way to being proven. This is the process I have been involved in. I had a vision of what could be – in the late 70s – and have spent the intervening years showing how this ‘idea’ has truth.

The ‘idea’ was that there is an inherent archetypal order within living creation, and if we can identify this order we will be able to control life processes, in a manner that is ecologically safe and sustainable. This order can be identified as an inner expression of the outer structures we find about us. The second part of this conjecture is, that the processes identified, can be controlled within all living beings, by the Biodynamic preparations and Chemical elements activities.

This in itself is not a new idea. ‘As Above, So Below’ is a very old concept. Where I moved this on, was to firstly identify that Dr Steiner’s suggestions, and the insights of Astrology can be matched up, via the vortex form and then the gyroscope. This provides an organisational pathway by which Dr Steiner’s very complicated indications can be rationally understood, which in turn allows for very practical tasks to be identified. Several of these outcomes have scientifically credible trials attached to them. The most significant being the Bird control trials carried out by HortResearch NZ (12). This is a homeopathic product made from the BD preparations, that addresses the energetic discordance that draws a predator to its ’prey’. In the same manner that a sound can be cancelled by playing its opposite, so the energetic copy of an animal can cancel out its ability to be in a particular place. Identifying the energetic makeup of any being becomes the task, and one the biodynamic community has made great strides towards.

For a conjecture to be true it must be right in all circumstances, which meant that chemistry — a organic manifestation of our environment— must also conform to ‘the archetypal order’. This publication and the practical trials that have developed from it, provides the proof of this conjecture.

My efforts to date, prove to me the Atkinson Conjecture is indeed a truth, and thus its formulas, Biodynamic Vortex, Biodynamic Glossary, Energetic Bodies Interaction, 3D Periodic Table, Glenological Rosetta Stone, and Creation = Movement + Time are a theorem.

This conjecture received a ‘Doctor of Philosophy’ on the 11th February 2020.

The ‘Glenological Rosetta Stone’ is one of the fruits of this conjecture