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GBI has a strong focus on the development of the agricultural indications of Dr Steiner, as outlined in his ‘Agriculture Course’. This course provides an intimate overview of how the living processes of the Earth are manifest from the activities of our ‘environment’. Most notably from the energetic activities of the Stars, Planets and Earth. We do not enter into the realms of ‘Anthroposophical Agriculture’ commonly found in other streams of Biodynamic Agriculture. Our interest is in practical comprehendible development of Dr Steiner’s energetic science.

The most obvious manifestation of Dr Steiner’s suggestions are the Biodynamic herbal preparations he suggested for influencing the energetic activities he outlined. These preparations are commonly used only as composting and soil aids, however our research has shown they can perform a much broader range of activities than is commonly suggested. The research outlined in ‘Case Studies’ are some of the outcomes we have experienced. Several of these documents are scientifically credible trials, while others are more informal trials done to show effect only.

Biodynamic Agriculture exists within, but not limited to the practises of good organic and biological husbandry. This means that good soil science, including remineralisation where needed, along with organic matter and humus management, landscape management and prudent fiscal management, are all accepted as THE basis upon which the biodynamic preparations are added. Beyond these basics, Biodynamics offers a view of the Earth and the living beings upon it, which in its precision and detail, is a picture of the complete interaction of all that is around us, with all that is manifest.

A question the sceptic or materialist must answer is – “Where is the impermeable membrane that cuts them off from the energies of the Universe?”

Biodynamics accepts some simple facts of Astronomical Science. The Universe is filled with energy, much of which is identified within the electromagnetic spectrum, that is generated by the billions of stars existing within the Universe. This energy is beamed in all directions and at all times. Even beyond the particular beams of the stars there is the universal background radiation which fills the entire universe with one unified field of force.

The Earth is within this vibrant energetic ocean. However it is not alone. It exists within the Electromagnetic structure of our local star the Sun. The Sun in turn organises the planets within this zone, through a series of electromagnetic shells, providing an image not unlike that of the inside of an onion.  So as the energies coming from the stars passes through these shells, the primary frequencies of the stars are altered by the nature of these various ‘planetary shells’. Similarly when these planetary altered star forces travel through the Earth Electro magnetic field they are further altered, until finally they are absorbed or pass through the magnetic body of the Earth itself. The energy that is reflected or rayed back from the Earth, and seen in the growth process of life on Earth, then interacts directly with this ever present incoming force from the cosmos. The many manifestations of life are what happens in between these two poles. What comes from the Earth – Earthly – and what comes from the Cosmos – Cosmic, interact to become life processes. This then is THE question of Biodynamics -‘What is Cosmic and What is Earthly?” in the plant forms we work with, or the processes we find within the animals we husband, or even within ourselves -The Humans – beings of the Earth.

I hope it is obvious in this overview, that I have not asked you to believe anything, other than facts of science. We are fortunate that we are at a time in history where science has progressed to a stage where these basic interactions of the Earth, with its surroundings are understood and appreciated. The next challenge is for science to really live within the consequences of this reality , that life on Earth is a manifestation of what happens around us, whereupon they become astrologers. Likewise it is the challenge of the ‘spiritual community’ to realise that science has caught up with them and they are talking of exactly the same thing.  When we see the Universal and Galactic star activities are what spiritualists have been calling Spirit , and that the influence of the planetary spheres upon these forces, is what has been called Astral, while the influence of the Earth EM field is what has been called Etheric, there becomes a confluence of human endevour. We are indeed all talking about the same thing.

There are many books on the many aspects of Biodynamic Agriculture, and I do not intend recovering all that ground. The Biodynamic Associations have many reading and research lists. The Oregon group have some very good online classes. Our aim on this site is to explore the developments made by the GBI. The ‘online books’ section contains our free publications with more detail of our understanding. Likewise the ‘Pictures’ section has many posters and diagrams to aid in this understanding.

Our research has lead to some product development, which is now available in various countries around the world.So please follow the links above and we trust you will find inspiration to work practically with Dr Steiner’s immense gift to us all.