The Un-Manifest Elements

The Un Manifest Elements

In a discussion today about the reality of Walter Russell’s hypothetical chemical elements, I said the following – 


in manifestation yes, however energetically these ‘elements’ can exist as frequencies, not yet manifest.


 If the periodic table is seen as a 3D gyroscope, rather than this spiral form, then with the trace elements for example – which only begin on the fourth layer – there is three / five more empty layers inside these. The question arises, why have these spaces not manifest, and therefore can there be unmanifest vibratory organisations in these spaces. No need for other dimensions or anything fancy, just unmanifest vibratory organisation.

if we look at cymantics as a reference, there is an evolution of form as the frequencies increase. At a certain stage a complex form, we can find in nature, appears. This suggests the frequency patterns we find manifest in the chemical elements, can extend before and after the manifest elements. This can seem all very ‘academic’, until the question arises, as to how we might be able to collect and use these unmanifest frequencies of the chemical families?

My answer is that the 3D ‘torus’ -spherical gyroscope is THE universal energetic form – from galaxies to atoms etc. Hence the ‘idea’ that chemistry must organise according to this form. It then follows that if we have one of these forms – even a perspex 3D model – we must be able to find each element’s position within this form. Similarly, if we take a single slice of this form, we have a circle as a 2D representation of the primary 3D archetype, and within this circle we can find the archetypal organisation of the sphere  – hence the many octagonal buildings, mosques, stupas, churches, stone circles etc around the planet .

So we have the trace elements organisation, with its manifest frequencies, and also its unmanifest frequencies, organised within any given circle. If the circle is big enough we can stand in these unmanifest positions and experience the qualities of these non manifest frequencies. Similarly if we put a glass bottle of water in these positions, – even on a A4 printed image – and allow sunlight to shine through it for as little as 10 minutes, we will ‘capture’ this frequency of activity in the water, and we can then take some of this water and experience the activity of this ‘unmanliest’ frequency. So it is possible to gather Walters elements between Hydrogen and Helium and experience them for yourself. Nothing spooky, no big feat of multi dimensional physics, just simple evolution of movement manifest as frequencies…..