Man and Animal – Dr Poppelbaum

This is a must read book for all Biodynamic folk.  

I first came across this book in the late 1970s, and loved what I could comprehend at the time, but then it disappeared. It has been reissued in 2014 by Rudolf Steiner Press, man and animal – Rudolf Steiner Press . Man and Animal provides the RS evolution ideas in a clear and comprehendible manner. This book forms one of the ‘theological pillars’ of Biodynamic understanding. It provides the base upon which Dr Kolisko’s Zoology for Everbody’ and Karl Konig’s ‘Earth and Man’ sit.

This is the story of Man as the first created ‘being’, with all other animals resulting from a ‘hardened’ off shoot of whatever stage, what would become us, was passing through at the time. This is the very convincing flesh to ‘the other story’ of evolution, so central to RS story and how we can approach life. It surely brings new meaning to the need to stay flexible, and not rush to ‘hardening’ and maturity, if we want to stay with the future evolvement of humanity.