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Can someone please clarify for me : In ‘Sacred Agriculture’ on page 319, Dennis talks of RS talking of ‘Spiritual Substance’ , and how he has pondered long on what that is. 
Can someone point to where RS talks of ‘Spiritual Substance’ please? 
He talks of ‘Cosmic Substance’ often in the course, but Spiritual Substance I can not recall ever hearing of this.
Many thanks
…………………… “The physical body is built up within the physical world as a completely separate being, and the same is true of the spiritual body in the spiritual world. The human being likewise has an inside and an outside in the physical world, and the same is true in the spiritual world. And just as we take in substances from our physical surroundings and incorporate them into our bodies, we also take in spiritual substance from our spiritual surroundings and make it our own. This spiritual substance is eternal nourishment for human beings. We are born out of the physical world, and yet we are independent beings separate from the rest of the physical world. In the same way, we are born out of the spirit through the eternal laws of the good and the true, and yet we are separate from the spiritual world outside us. We will call this independent spiritual entity the “spirit body.”” – Theosophy

Perhaps this appendix to the Agriculture Course is what you’re after: https://books.google.com/books?id=VAy11h30A5sC&pg=PT216…

It is in contrast to “earthly substance” in the introduction

With this remarkable series of lectures presented in Koberwitz, Silesia, June 7-16, 1924, Rudolf Steiner…
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Glen Atkinson
Glen Atkinson The introduction of the course talks of Cosmic Substance. Which has to be seen in the context of the lecture 8 diagram, and lectures 4 and 8.
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Glen Atkinson
Glen Atkinson OK the aug 23 1923 lecture is telling the same story as told in the Ag course of the ‘Physical Formative Forces’, which right throughout the whole course RS talks of Cosmic Matter or Cosmic Substance as interchangeable ………..SO the ONLY time ‘spiritual substance’ is used in the Ag course is in the notes made by Malcolm Gardner of a lectures some months earlier………SO why would Dennis K choose to use that term instead of the much used ‘Cosmic Matter’?
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Glen Atkinson
Glen Atkinson whew, Dennis would appear to have no idea that Cosmic Substance is a part of a 4 fold process.
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Glen Atkinson
Glen Atkinson he appears to be ‘fooled’ by the word ‘spiritual’ as something from Spirit. While the cosmic substance does arise from the cosmic forces / Spirit activity active in the head, being pushed downwards into the metabolic system, once this ‘Cosmic’ activity becomes active in the metabolic system as Cosmic Substance it is an Astral dominant ‘being’ , with a secondary Spirit ‘helper’ . The passages in lecture 4 where RS is talking of the horn and the manure , he continually talks of the Astral and Etheric activities occurring in the metabolic processes, that go into making cow manure. This is the same story as Cosmic Substance and Earthly Forces talked of later. The Astral and Etheric references are how he talks of the metabolism in the medical lectures. Dennis appears to know nothing of this story.