Steve Diver clarifies Biodynamics

Steve Diver 
What to say about a thread on an alternative agricultural FB group — i.e., Regrarian — which by tone questions and disses the ground-breaking alternative farming system of the 20th Century, meaning bio-dynamics. Let’s remember that bio-dynamics is the farming system which nailed humus farming and soil biology decades before “soil foodweb” became popular, the farming system originating from a renaissance scholar and mystic with clairvoyant insight which nailed electomagnetic frequencies and quantum non-locality decades before “The Tao of Physics” genre became a publisher’s subject matter theme, which nailed qualitative bio-assays (e.g, circular chromatography, sensitive crystallization, capillary dynamolysis et al) and food quality long before certified organic production came into existence, which originated the modern science and practice of agro-homeopathy through the amazingly detailed work of Lily Kolisko. For sure the BD preps are known to possess diverse, functional biology, but validity for this information did not gain merit based on a few soil foodweb assessments by Elaine Ingham — cited three times in this thread — but rather by the extensive microbial analysis by scientists in India, published in peer-reviewed journals, and decades prior by the pioneering laboratory work of Dr. Ehrenfried Pfeiffer — who’s work is still trend setting and influential in the fields of compost, soil microbiology of organic farming, humus management, qualitative bio-assays, and soil fertility. But let’s also be clear that the BD preps possess energetic qualities that function as a precursor to form and biology, which have been verified — and can easily be duplicated — through potentization, radionics, electronic homeopathy, and simple pendulum dowsing. Bio-dynamnics is a systems of farming practices. That’s what a farming system is. It is the sum total of all the parts that work in synchrony which yields a healthy farm and contributes to a healthy food supply and protects the environmental integrity of the watershed vs the rampant agricultural industrial model of today which externalizes pollution and ecological degradation with its concomitant deterioration of our food and water supply — making people sick from lack of proper nutrition on both a physical level and spiritual/vitality level, which Steiner predicted in the 1920s would happen. So fortunately for us today, we have these nine decades of bio-dynamic experience to draw from regarding the alchemical BD preparations, working with the concept of an individualized farm, developing skills to produce quality food, raising children with an appreciation for art, ecology, and spirituality along with the modern sciences of today, For sure, not every BD compost pile is fantastic, not every BD farm has got it down. It’s a learning curve just like any other farming system. For that matter, there are now many other forms of quantum agriculture and energetic modalities to draw from to add vitality to our food and water supply. The new bio-dynamics is much more fluid and flexible, more integrative with the three pillars of eco-agriculture: Minerals, Biology, and Energy, which by expansion includes Albrecht, Reams, Ingham, Luebke, Pfeiffer, Lakhovsky, Callahan, Schauberger, Hugh Lovel, Glen Atkinson, Wilhelm Reich, Royal Rife, Enzo Nastati, Hugo Erbe, and onwards.