The Ethers express due to them being influenced by the Astrality

The Ethers express due to them being influenced by the AstralityBelow is an extract of the second lecture of the second medical course given on April 12 1921It is available in full at this lecture Dr Steiner talks of the way the ethers work into the human body, and then goes on to describe how the energetic bodies work together. He then discusses Sulphur, Phosphorus and Arsenic as influences of these processes.

The Energetic Bodies by RS Aug 1924

 Extract from a lecture given by Dr Steiner in London on August 28 1924 from “THE HEALING PROCESS”On the Qualities of the energetic bodies – The soul’s first new perception is that the human being includes not only a physical body, which can be examined either with the naked eye or with a microscope or other instruments, but also an ether body.

Apop Medical articles

Here is a link to a series of articles that outlines Steiners view of the structure of Life. The main chapters are the first two, but the other look very interesting.An Introduction to Anthroposophical Medicine.                7       Rudolf SteinerThe Members of Being in Man and Nature:


Energetic Rabbit Control Feedback using RabbitChaseHow did the rabbits go?”(almost) gone. We see an occasional one, but the infestation “disappeared” in about a week. Thanks!”…The treatment began about 4 months ago.

Dr Steiner’s 1920 medical lectures – free on audio

Here is a link to audio readings of Dr Steiners 20 medical lectures given in 1920. provide a ‘starter kit’ for working with the 3 fold activities of the physical body’s of nature.enjoyGlen 

Dr Steiner on using electro magnetism in healing

Within some Biodynamic theology there is a trend to have a very negative view of electro magnetism (EM). This arises from the view that ‘the Ethers’ are the dominant formative influence , while EM is the subservient dross left over from its activity. This arises in part from quotes by Steiner saying EM are ‘fallen ethers’. Given the christian connotations of the word fallen, this thinking goes on to consider EM a ‘sub physical evil’, and something that should be shunned. Hence broadcasting devices like the Lovel field broadcaster and radionic devices are frowned upon.

Hugh Lovel on Glen Atkinsons discoveries

Below is a blog Hugh Lovel wrote after my attendance at his Advanced Quantum Agriculture Course in August 2013. In it he outlines some of the practical applications arising from my work. His article is an expression of some of what I hope to bring to the May Conference.

RS relationship to ancient knowledge

“I will take this opportunity of repeating what has already been stated : namely that the contents of these lectures have not been derived from any study of ancient lore. What is here stated, is gained from the facts themselves : occasionally I have alluded to the coincidence with the primary wisdom ; but my statements are never gained from it. If you study the processes in question with care, you will be led to those conceptions which remind us of some elements of ancient wisdom. I should never myself consider it admissible to investigate any subject by studying the works of Paracelsus.

Glen next ‘public presentation’ May 2014

Glen Atkinson is presenting 3 x 1.5 hour sessions at the NZ Biodynamic Conference, held on the 23rd – 25th May 2014 in Palmerston North , New Zealand.This is a ‘advanced Biodynamic course’ focusing on the practical use of the energetic activities outlined by Dr Steiner, for Agriculture and Medicine, with extensions by Glen into ‘Glenological Chemistry’.Further info can be found at

Clarification of the ‘Cosmic Etheric’

While reading RS medical lectures recently I came across this passage that clarifies his approach to the ‘Cosmic Etheric’ in relation to Plants and then to the Human.

Why does Biodynamics focus on ‘The Etheric Formative Forces?’

In Part 2 of my reorganisation of the Agriculture Course I trust it is very clear that a good 25% of the Dr Steiner’s Agriculture course was dedicated to the practical reality of the four physical activities of Cosmic Forces, Cosmic Substance, Earthly Forces and Earthly Substance. In contrast to this we find Dr Steiner making only a passing comment to the existence of the etheric forces in the second lecture.

Biodynamic Agriculture’s relationship to Anthropsophical Agriculture

This blog is further to my article on Christianity and Biodynamic Agriculture, then defines Anthropsophical Agriculture as a different path to Biodynamic Agriculture, which is that outlined in Dr Steiner’s “Agriculture Course”This article can be found at response to a BdNow email My impression of your message is ‘that people need to be free to follow their own path.’

Nitrogen – The Carrier of Awareness

By Hugh Lovel

6 Dimensional Viewpoints

I’ve been doing biodynamics for so long from the viewpoint that it is the pattern that results in the coherence rather than the substance that I reckon at this point I’ve seen a fair bit of evidence that the substance usually gets in the way. So, what I’ve recently done is design a new radionic instrument that can work off of both the abstract pattern (designed purely by intention, i.e. by dowsing) on a radionic card and the pattern directly picked up from a substance on the plate portion of the circuit. I’m testing the prototype, made by friends in Japan.

Astrology comment to Jim Mora – RNZ ‘Afternoons’ April 2009

Jim: yesterday I heard on your radio NZ program that in a recent poll only 22% of the population ‘believe’ in Astrology. I find this to be an astonishingly low number of people given basic logic suggests Astrology is indeed a fact of Physics. That this fact has escaped such a large sector of our population and indeed the scientific community, for so long, is a question all its own.