Are the chemical elements dead?

Today I had a interesting conversation on a e list, some of which answers some basic questions about bring chemistry to life.

Lastly , I stand by my “code” comment.  You can say it is from the “cosmos” and, as I said before, I think it could be a useful tool.  But really now, does the logic and exactness of a chemical formula, for example, lift human souls in the way the logic and exactness of a Shakespearean sonnet does? 

GA A very subjective question. The wonderous order and complex cross referencing interactions that are presented in my My ‘Rosetta Stone’, and how it opens the pathway to knowledge, long held closed by the agricultre course and medical lectures, and how it then provides a physical tool to be applied to ANY ailment anyone might have, and how these remedies can be made from any octagon you might have lying around, for free,   is indeed a very uplifting and exhalting experience for me.   All on one page too. How many books did it take Shakespeare to spin some words that achieved a very small percentage of this? 

Does the periodic table of elements resound with the music of the spheres? Of course not.

GA Well, in fact it does. It is THE expression of the music of the spheres, within the physical sphere, here on Earth. Chemistry is a energetic manifestation of the order of the spheres. There has been several books written on this subject.  No one did anything for chemistry to be what it is. We just observed it, and to enter into it is indeed a journey of the soul. How else can you really appreciate the difference between Sulphur and Phosphorus, or even Calcium and Magnesium, you must gather soul pictures of these ‘beings’ and live with them, especially when one has had no formal education in the subject, yet wishes to not only know these elements, and find their 3 dimensional organisational structure.

  They are useful tools but they are just that; tools, which are not living. 

GA But they are ‘living’ and active. The respond, they devolve, they combine and make things happen, they are the very basis of every action and experience you have. If we change your chemical balance, your experience of reality changes, due to a change in the way your energetic bodies work together. They are very powerful and pivotal to our work in agriculture. You are this stardust Just think of all those elementals one could commune with……… Just like Astrology, if you do not ‘know’ chemistry, you are blind the wonders of the universe manifest on Earth. 
 You appear to characterise this work (and me) ‘as a dead intellectual’ , while missing the immense freedom of body and soul that arises once one lives with the ‘magical order’ through which life manifests. How could I have had this ‘true imagination’ if I had not followed RS path of perception? 
But who am I to thrust the ‘key to life on earth’ into your hand and demand you take it. Please do not. It is indeed the cold bleak tablet, it is written upon.
Thanks for your questions.