Sandflies control by ‘The Octagon’

A wee story about the power of the Octogan

We were out to dinner last night -outside- and the sandflies were biting 4 of us. I spotted a 2 meter wide brick circle about three meters way from where we were sitting. So I got about 1/4 inch of water in a glass and placed it on ‘a certain spot’ within the circle. 10 minutes later I passed the glass around to three of us. My experience was a cooling of my feet and a feeling that the energy from my body was now moving away from me, rather than ‘attracting’ towards me. Both other people experienced no more bites, while the fourth person, who did not have any of the drink, continued being bitten. So after a little while I got him to stand on the spot in the circle for 10 minutes and he too was no longer bitten after that…………

Glen A