Understanding Dr Steiner’s ‘Agriculture Course’ – the seminar Feb. 2015

Greetings all,
The second in the Biodynamic Lecture Series will be held on 
Friday 13th and Saturday 14th February 2015 at the Dunstan Lake Boat Club in Cromwell, Central Otago.9am to 5pm both days.
A shared meal on the Friday evening will be optional, details of this and any other updates will be sent out closer to the event date.
The guest speaker for this event is Glen Atkinson, Astrologer, Gardener, Homeopath and Philosopher, whose long interest in BD, has been focused on understanding the ‘Agriculture Course’ .
The two day seminar aims to present a holistic and practically functional approach to the course.
This is a very rare opportunity that will allow this difficult series of lectures to finally make sense.

Price $250 includes Lunch plus morning and afternoon tea for both days
(limited scholarship discounts available.)


An introduction to the 
‘As Above’, comprising a journey through our astronomical reality, and how this 
manifests on Earth, as the 4 internalised energetic bodies of nature. Lectures 1 
and 3


An overview of the basic images of the Course

The first conversation about how the 4 activities work ONTO each other, notably lecture 3


The second conversation – How the bodies work INTO each other.

Dr Steiner’s description of how the 4 fold activities manifest within the 3 fold physical forms – lectures 2,4,6,8

Saturday Afternoon 

The Preparations in the light of the above with a focus towards specific practical questions such as soil development, fungal control and pest protection.

Practical applications based upon questions.

Enquiries; s.hoskin@xtra.co.nz 
0211438233.  Facebook page Biodynamic Community Otago – The Biodynamic Lecture Series