Hugh Lovel’s comments on the Glenological Periodic Table

Recently Hugh cc ed me in on a conversation he was having with a USA  BD official, where he talked on his experience with my Chemistry. Biodynamic Chemistry   and Alchemical Chemistry 


Dear ……


…………. On the other hand, if you look at Glen Atkinson’s diagram of his vortexial periodic table on page 208 of my recent book, it shows where every element in the periodic table belongs and what they do in terms of spiritual (hydrogen), chemical (the first octave) physical (from Na through Ar), etheric (K through Kr) astral (Rb through Xe) and egoic (Cs through As). It’s a remarkable teaching tool for introducing the concepts of etheric, astral and egoic activities, as my lectures at …………. revealed. This is a different language from conventional science, but introducing it is a bit challenging. 


When you look at Glen Atkinson’s diagram, silicon is a physical arm element in the physical band. So it is physical-physical, which implies it is the most structural of all elements. Calcium, on the other hand, is in the etheric arm of the etheric ring of this periodic table, which implies it is the most dynamic of all elements. If you look at the astral arm, which deals with nitrogen as the carrier of the astral, there you find molybdenum in the astral ring. So Molybdenum is astral-astral, which is why it is so key to engaging nitrogen. However, to take this a step further, tungsten is in the astral arm of the egoic ring, which suggests that in terms of our egoic development of our astral awareness tungsten is key. 


This is just an example of how this version of the periodic table reveals what elements we need to look at for various functions in our biological activities. For laboratories like ……… this can be extremely important information, because you only find what you look for. If you don’t look for the right things, how will you find out what you want to know? 





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On 16 January 2015 at 18:01, Glen Atkinson <> wrote:


So good to hear the PT is proving useful in your work.





Dear Glen,


It’s really quite brilliant, you know. I’m ever so glad I included it in my book. Further references to The Energetic Activities and Alchemical Chemistry give the interested reader a way to investigate what it means.


Interestingly it evoked no comment from any of the biodynamic folks at the Biodynamic conference in Louisville, Kentucky–though I mentioned it in my presentation. But the blokes in Holland at ……… who had tried, with startling results a simple experiment with greenhouse strawberries using 501 and 503, were all over it and wanted to know more. I suspect that’s another indication that life arises at the periphery and edges of things and not from the inner content. The inner content is where life resides, but not where it is generated. These people are outsiders to biodynamics, which is probably why their interest was so keen. I’m sure they will investigate your websites.


I hope you’re like me and hanging in for the long haul, perhaps after you’re dead they will be all saying, “Wow. What an amazing insight this bloke in New Zealand , Glen Atkinson said.

Kinda like Gregor Mendel, who was igored in his time.


My thanks to you for your theoretical impulse. I deeply appreciate it. I keep telling you your approach is mathematical, but since you conceive things as a spatial picture with various physical, etheric, astrral, egoic arms and rings you don’t seem to think this is mathematical. Nevertheless it is precise. And I assure you this means  it is highly mathematical, and one day it will generate the greatest excitement in the world of applied mathematics. From my point of view you’ve proven a huge number of conjunctures about 4th, 5th and 6th dimensions. But you don’t read the mathematical literature and listen to those conjectures so you don’t know. Pity, but so what? You don’t need that. It will come later. Thanks a million for your insights, no matter if you don’t think they are mathematical.

It’s all top secret what the brainiacs with all their hundreds of linked cray computers at Los Alamos, NM are working with. But I reckon your view of the periodic table would make  a bunch of things more clear to them. However, I imagine that terms like astral and egoic would sail completely over their heads since weapons refinement is what they are paid for. Life is not their purview or job description. What a crazy and wonderful world we live in. I’m continually amazed by what science discovers even though it doesn’t want to know certain things.


Best wishes,

Hugh Lovel



Steve Diver added when this was posted on facebook

Steve Diver Ditto to Hugh Lovel’s comments on your work Glen Atkinson. Amazing brilliant insights from years of study and treading through Steiner’s lectures — combined with your on-the-job homeopathic training — led to these periodic tables. They blow biodynamics wide open for new research and practical applications in homeodynamic / quantum farming.




It may help to look at Glen’s diagram on page 208 in my book. There you will see the lime complex of Magnesium, Calcium, Strontium and Barium on the green, right hand arm, which is the etheric arm. Opposite this is Oxygen, Sulphur, Selenium, Molybdenum (astral arm, astral ring) and Telurium in the blue, astral arm. This is one axis (horizontal), which actually is a polarity between etheric and astral. On the other axis (vertical) you will find Carbon, Silicon, Germanium, Tin and Lead in the bottom, yellow, physical arm. Opposite this are your inert or Nobel gasses of Neon, Argon, Krypton, Xenon and Radon along with which you will also find Cobalt (etheric ring, egoic arm), Rhodium (astral ring, egoic arm) and Iridium in the purple egoic arm and also the purple egoic ring. This is important information because, as Glen is apt to point out, Radon is a radioactive gas that is noted for causing cancer while Iridium (egoic arm egoic ring) is a precious metal in the Platinum group that is noted for repairing genes. Iridium is easily ten times the price of Platinum if you are buying refined metals. However, traces of it are present in sea minerals which are probably sufficient to prevent cancer and related egoic disturbances. I would say this is clear evidence Glen is truly on to something of importance for all of us to learn more about, making it imperative that we get past any initial reaction to Glen’s style of waking us up. For our own good we’ve just got to get over it and thank him for his wit. That would be really big of us and would show our egoic maturity.


Again I find it so appropos that the element that accompanies Radon as an egoic arm/egoic ring element is Iridium, which in genetics as associated with genetic repair. It seems to me this is another confirmation of the rightness of your gyroscopic periodic table.