Through the Seasons

  November is when to grasses in the pasture grow their flower and seed stems every year in the southern hemisphere. It coincides with Sun having the constellation of Libra …

Organisation of Life 2020

Organisation of Life Part 1 – Biodynamic Agriculture Part 2 – Glenological Chemistry – with several new images Part 3 – Glenological   Chemistry    the Book.

Astrology of the GRS

In the spirit of ‘Astrology is a Fact of Physics’ My secondary progressed chart, for the 2014 period, when the Glenlogical Rosetta Stone, came into view. clearer pdf version

Jacinda Ardern’s Astrology 2020

Jacinda Ardern’s Astrology   Feedback from my Astrologer friend Bill Watson……. “Hi Glen Well put, I have nothing of substance to add.  (although it could benefit from a grammatical tidy)…” …

When is ‘Seed Chaos’?

Here is the article on ‘Seed Chaos’ A suggestion for Plant development The Astrology of Podolinsky’s ‘seed chaos’ chromatography Stewart Lundy ‘seed chaos’ article