Are Cowhorns Antenna as Dennis Klocek says?

Are Cowhorn antenna? 

Marijuana and Humanity

Today I was asked – So what is your view of marijuana and humanity? luciferic? extraterrestrial?

Good lecture on how the energetic bodies manifest in Life

The Bridge Between Universal Spirituality and the Physical Constitution of Man (Lecture I) 

HB TV interview June 2016

Heres a TV interview on what I am up to…….

Workings of the Stars In Earthly Substances – L. Kolisko

Workings of the Stars In Earthly Substances – L.

Understanding Dr Steiners Agriculture Course

Understanding Dr Steiner’s Agriculture CourseA weekend seminar 13th -15th May 2016’The Solution’ to this very difficult set of lectures will be explored, with its practical applications arising from the suggestions in the lectures.Cost $200 – includes course book, with lunch and refreshments.Course leaders: Glen Atkinson and Eric de VriesVenue: Taruna College, Havelock North, NZContact: Margeret Mary Farr, 

Chemistry and Life Seminar in the UK

Chemistry and Life, New  developments in Biodynamic AgricultureSeminar with Glen Atkinson from New Zealand, 1st – 3r

The Astrology of the Gulag

Here is a link to my ‘Gulag’ article

Glenological Video Page

Video Page

Tom’s intro

Click here to hear the introduction

The science of charging water

In my Alchemical Chemistry, – Collection Method – I outlined a process of collecting chemical elemental energy, within a glass bottle, filled with water, placed at a given spot within a circle, and having the Sun shine upon it. Here is a scientist describing just how water will be activated to do this.

Apple Periodic Table – North

Apple Periodic Table NorthPrint this outPut it on a wallLook at itLive with it

Understanding Dr Steiner’s Agriculture Course -in Hawkes Bay NZ

Weekend Seminar 13-15th May 2016     At Taruna College, Havelock NorthBiodynamic Agriculture is considered to be based upon Dr Steiner’s 8 agricultural lectures. However there are very people who understand them. Glen Atkinson is one of these few. His 40 years of study, research and practice, (free of the dogma of Anthroposophy) has culminated in a rational story that clarifies and simplifies this difficult series of lectures. 

An Astrologers view of the TPPA signing date.

Why would an Astrologer choose the 4th February 2016 to sign the TPPA?Read More

Pluto and the Boston Massacre

Twas wandering about the planets recently and noticed that Pluto – the planet of power and its use –  is approaching the same position it was in when the Boston Massacre of 1770 occurred in the USA.It is exact three times this year, with the first pass being 12th March 2016, the second being 27th June , with the third being 5th January 2017.One reference had this event causing ‘the colonial public to galvanise to the patriot cause’………