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How the 3D energies work in the Human

How the energies organise in the 3D HumanWisdom of Man: III. Higher Senses, Inner Force Currents and Creative Laws in the Human Organism. 

Equisetum and Fungus

Equisetum and Fungus A study in what Dr Steiner’s medical lectures say about Equisetum and its effect on the Kidneys 

Biodynamic research

Here is a link to heaps of Biodynamic research research-portal

Bd and Apop Med – How do they differ?

How do the world views of these two groups differ?This is THE central question. Before we can see the gifts Apop Med has to give BD, first of all we have to identify where the differences of worldview are, and then how these can be ‘harmonised’.

Powdery Mildew

A reply to a question

The Un-Manifest Elements

The Un Manifest ElementsIn a discussion today about the reality of Walter Russell’s hypothetical chemical elements, I said the following – 

Steve Diver clarifies Biodynamics

Steve Diver What to say about

Equisetum, Kidneys and Fungus

RS said of Equisetum ” If, without indulging in undue speculation, we realise the noteworthy effects produced by equisetum arvense upon the human organism by affecting the function of the kidneys.”AS an answer to this suggestion Dr Matthias Girke provides this answer on page873 of  his ‘Internal Medicine’

Bannon’ surge to Power 17 -18

Here are the dates to watch for Steve Bannon’s rise or fall from power.Bannon tensions

Astrology Class March 2017

Astrology Class  – Astrology of YOUMarch 11th 2017 – Havelock North , Hawkes Bay , NZ8.30am – 4.30pm  with  Glen AtkinsonThe ‘KISS’ method of chart reading that has you interpreting your own chart in minutes.Book online – Astrology ServicesLimited to 20 people.

Steiner’s approach to inflammatory disease / migraine

19240724p02.htmlA lecture given on the 24 July 1924.    

World and Internal Activities in Plants

Dear Glen, 

Steiner – what it is to live within ‘Electricity’ – 1924

QUESTION: Is it permissible to preserve bales of fodder by means of an electric current?

Goethe’s ‘Way of Seeing’

Here is a good article overviewing Goethean Perceptive processpage14.php