May 17 podcast – general chat


 BD Now! 042 Glen Atkinson – Biodynamic Author and Educator, Founder of “Glenopathy”



2.26 Who is Glen Atkinson?


Atkinson’s applications of Rudolf Steiner’s medical teachings to homeopathy and agriculture


5.00 All illnesses are derived from energetic problems or imbalances stemming from four aspects: Spirit, Astral, Physical and Etheric.


5.30 Energetic problems causing illnesses can be cured through preparation of plants and chemical compounds made into “energetic” preparations. These can also cure imbalances in the soil and be used for bird control, plant growth stimulants, frost protection, etc.


7.56  Atkinson’s Expansion on Steiner’s list for Energetic Preparations for Agriculture, the Environment and Human Health.


13.05 Atkinson and his work on Homeopathic Water-based Sprays to Eliminate Odor from Fertilizers and Improve their Quality.


16.47 Mother Tinctures and Dilution Efficacy and Use


19.40 Spraying Plants vs Treating the Roots


22.03 Agrihomeopathy vs the Biodynamic Approach and Steiner’s Research


27.17 How to control Harlequin bugs


31.48 The Periodic Table and the Importance of using Spheres aligned with the North Magnetic Pole


37.03 How to Use a Sphere to Collect the Energy of an Element for Healing Imbalances


41.20 The Use of Younger Plants vs Older Plants for Making Preparations 


42.38 Radionics Pros and Cons


45.40 Atkinson’s Views on using Techniques like Dowsing for Creating Preparations


48.17 Homeopathic Formulators


50.24 Tests for Salt accumulation as a radionic potentizer using the earth’s magnetic field


52.40 Tips for the collection methods of radionic potentizers from Atkinson’s website using spherical diagrams


54.00 Websites for Biodynamic Movements such as “Adopt an Octagon” and others


58.07 Atkinson and his Creation of a Biodynamic College teaching Energy Sciences


1.01 Invitation for another interview with Atkinson focusing on “Who is Rudolf Steiner?” and more about Atkinson’s books