The Spirit in Biodynamics

Here is a link to an article on the role of the Spirit in Biodynamic Agriculture

Chartres Labyrinth

Here is a link to my article on the internal organisation of the Chartres Labyrinth  

BD Ag – Earth Astrology (AFA Research journal 2015)

Biodynamic Agriculture – Earth AstrologyThis is an article recently published in the American Federation Of Astrologers 2015 Research Journal, of how Biodynamic Agriculture is an expression of fundamental Astrological principles.

Sandflies control by ‘The Octagon’

A wee story about the power of the OctoganWe were out to dinner last night -outside- and the sandflies were biting 4 of us.

Hugh Lovel’s comments on the Glenological Periodic Table

Recently Hugh cc ed me in on a conversation he was having with a USA  BD official, where he talked on his experience with my Chemistry. Biodynamic Chemistry   and Alchemical Chemistry  

Are the chemical elements dead?

Today I had a interesting conversation on a e list, some of which answers some basic questions about bring chemistry to life.

Biodynamics for a Rational World

Here is the link to the article (slightly edited) of this title that was published in the November issue of Harvests, the NZBDA magazine.Biodynamics for a Rational World

Understanding Dr Steiner’s ‘Agriculture Course’ – the seminar Feb. 2015

Greetings all,The second in the Biodynamic Lecture Series will be held on 

Reply to Mark Moodie’s GMO article

There was an experiment on GMO corn that would appear to have been successful. I wrote about it for the Canadian BD magazine Stir. It’s not such a short answer but if you have some time:

How ‘peppering’ works by Kim Atkins

Here is Chapter 2 of Kim’s masters thesis, where he outlines ‘the thoughts’ behind how peppering works. In my opinion, this is a very good overview of the understanding, and its best attempt anywhere, to date. Mind you I am heavily quoted, so others may have a divergent opinion……..Chapter 2 – ‘Peppering for Pest Control’ 

Kim Atkins, Masters thesis on peppering of insects

Kim Masters masters thesis on peppering   (1.6Mb – 122pgs) 

How to view the amphoteric nature of Alumina

Silica – Substance and ProcessDennis Klocek This article was presented as a lecture at the annual Biodynamic Conference at Sacramento in 1989.

Glenological ‘Rosetta Stone’

There is a formula standing behind Dr Steiner’s Agricultural and Medical indications, that clarifies, orders and ultimately allows one to use his suggestions very practically. So ‘one with the universal order’ is the formula and his suggestions, that they align exactly with chemistry. This allows chemical substances to become the conscious levers to control the energies of life Dr Steiner outlines. In short this is a ‘rosetta stone’ for bringing Dr Steiner’s suggestions into practical life, that can be accessed by almost anyone.

Homeopathic Clay and Lime, ?


Sucher 1956 lectures to the Experimental Circle – a critique

Steve Diver from the USA has asked me to comment on Willi Suchers lectures to the Biodynamic Experiment Circle in 1956, as to their value for agricultural indications.These are the lectures