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Understanding Dr Steiner’s Agriculture Course -in Hawkes Bay NZ

Weekend Seminar 13-15th May 2016     At Taruna College, Havelock NorthBiodynamic Agriculture is considered to be based upon Dr Steiner’s 8 agricultural lectures. However there are very people who understand them. Glen Atkinson is one of these few. His 40 years of study, research and practice, (free of the dogma of Anthroposophy) has culminated in a rational story that clarifies and simplifies this difficult series of lectures. 

An Astrologers view of the TPPA signing date.

Why would an Astrologer choose the 4th February 2016 to sign the TPPA?Read More

Pluto and the Boston Massacre

Twas wandering about the planets recently and noticed that Pluto – the planet of power and its use –  is approaching the same position it was in when the Boston Massacre of 1770 occurred in the USA.It is exact three times this year, with the first pass being 12th March 2016, the second being 27th June , with the third being 5th January 2017.One reference had this event causing ‘the colonial public to galvanise to the patriot cause’………

Dr Steiner’s Agriculture Course – The Solution

Here is one picture that will provide the framework for the internal organisation of the four activities course.An image that describes the whole of the course, is the Glenological Rosetta Stone 

Steiner’s request BD progresses based upon experimentation and research

The very next paragraph after RS had finished the content of his agricultural course in lecture 8, he said

Radio Interview – October 2015

Here is the link to the Greenplanet FM radio interview  – on a range of current topics and practical solutions Enjoy…….

Clarifying the Cosmic Ether

Here is a short utube video addressing this question. 

Why the word Biodynamic should not be owned

There is an effort in New Zealand to legislate the use of the word Organic. Alongside this there has been opinions voiced in ‘the media’ about the need for the word Biodynamic to be similarly ‘owned’. While this private ownership has been achieved in some countries around the world,  in New Zealand this is not possible. 

How do I find equivalent tropical plants to replace the BD prep plants?

I would start by reading Wilhelm Pelikens descriptions of the prep plants in ‘Healing Plants’.  Then have a read of what RS says about the function of the plants in the Agriculture Course, so you can get an image of what you are wanting. Then any other author I could find. Then I would read up some herbal journals about the healing effects of your local plants, and try and match them up. Part of RS approach is how plants effect the energetic activities, and this is what you need to match.

Hugh Lovels’ – ‘Spot on’

This has been quite a week. (21 August 2015) Whew, and the most wonderful event this week has been my discovery of what Hugh Lovel wrote about his investigations into my Chemistry (Glenological Chemistry). In his recent book ‘Quantum Agriculture – Biodynamics and Beyond’, in the chapter entitled ‘Beyond Biodynamics – Agriculture as it might be taught’, which specifically focuses on my approach, findings and artwork.

Answer to replies on my ‘BD in a rational world’ article

In the vol 67-2 issue of Harvests magazine, there are two replies to my article ‘BD in the Rational World’. One is by David Wright and the other is from Andrew Seeger. Given I have recently resigned my membership of the BDANZ, I will not be replying to these articles in that forum, so this one will have to do.

Hugh Lovel on ‘Glenological Chemistry’

In Hughs recent book ‘Quantum Agriculture – Biodynamics and Beyond’ in the chapter entitled ‘Beyond Biodynamics – Agriculture as it might be taught’ which specifically focuses on my approach and findings, he says regarding my efforts with chemistry “Time after time my knowedge of biochemical reactions has confirmed that Glen’s conclusions are spot on.”Thanks Hugh………. 

‘Understanding the Agriculture Course’

Biodynamicswhat is it and how can we use itGlen Atkinson is moving away from the Bay of Plenty and will  take his decades of research into Biodynamics with him.  He has offered to share his perspective on ‘the Agriculture Course’ with us before he leaves.  This is the series of lectures which Rudolf Steiner gave to a group of farmers in 1924, and forms the basis of biodynamics.

Chaos Springs – success with ThermoMax and FG4

Here is a letter from Steve Erickson , of Chaos Springs, telling of their success on their citrus orchard with ThermoMax (during -6C frosts). and with the control of the fungal disease varicoses, with FG4 – our environmental harmonisersee the the full letter here