Understanding Dr Steiner’s Agriculture Course -in Hawkes Bay NZ

Weekend Seminar 13-15th May 2016     At Taruna College, Havelock North

Biodynamic Agriculture is considered to be based upon Dr Steiner’s 8 agricultural lectures. However there are very people who understand them. Glen Atkinson is one of these few. His 40 years of study, research and practice, (free of the dogma of Anthroposophy) has culminated in a rational story that clarifies and simplifies this difficult series of lectures. 

This series of seminars were first presented last winter, in the Bay of Plenty. They were very well received by all of the 25 participants. Both the beginners and experienced practioners, left feeling the course was now ‘open’ to them.

The course document is Glen’s book ‘The Energetic Activities’, ( available free in the book section, with a hard copy given out at the course). This is his reorganisation of the original course. It presents all the related pieces of the text together, so that the many confusions in these lectures, can be clarified.

Once the course is understood, real actions can be taken, with predictable outcomes. Glen has used his insights, to produce a range of unique Biodynamic preparation based products, that have been supplied to commercial clients for the last 25 years.

We are looking into having a skype based webinar for participants from overseas. 

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