Biodynamic  Clarifications

Energetic Plant Growth

The Planets in the Agriculture Course (22pgs)

Signs and Constellations

The Spirit in Biodynamics

When is ‘Seed Chaos’

BdAg – Earth Astrology

Equisetum and Fungus

Is Equisetum ruled by Comets

Is the Moon Male?

Three Stages of Manifestation

The Etheric Formative Forces Problem

Homeopathics in Biodynamic Agriculture

Garuda Biodynamic Research Overview

The Constellations and the World Spirit

The Duality of Expansion and Contraction

Christianity and Biodynamic Agriculture

In response to Enzo Nastati – BD in 9 meetings

Boron and Cosmic Silica

Are Cowhorns Antenna

Killing the Creator God

Chartres Labyrinth