The Agriculture Course can be Understood

The Agriculture Course can be Understood

I suspect the reason the Agriculture Course does not make sense to most biodynamic people, is because the common BD education, uses the context of the Ethers or Etheric Formative Forces, as the basis of their energetic understanding. The Agriculture course does not talk in the context of the Ethers, it tells two other stories. One tells the ‘Big Picture’ of the Primary Energetic Activities arising from Astronomy, and how they work into matter; and the other is a story talking of their working as an energetic organisation within the Physical Organism. This is the tale of the Physical Formative Forces , referred to as Cosmic Forces and Substance, Earthly Forces and Substance.  They are a dimensional layer behind the ‘Organisms’ RS talks about. Just as the Etheric layer has the duality between the Ethers and the Elements , so the Physical body has a polarity of the of the PFF and the Organisations, holding the substance together.

The Ethers are talked about on 7 November 1923 in ‘Man as Symphony’ Lecture 7 . These are three different stories, using different languages, to talk of different specific parts of  the overall story of  Nature.

If you are a ‘Etherite’ , and are ‘lost’ with the Course, you should look for the other stories told in the other languages. They are similar to your present context, but different in several significant ways.

Here is the 1938 edition of the Course with some commentary

Here is Energetic Activities – a reorganised version, that separates the two main stories of the Course.

This way of viewing the Course, allows it to fit into the Medical Literature, and the wonderful body of knowledge and experience, that lives within the people working with them.

I do wonder why , 100 years after RS gave these lectures, I am needing to say this. But there it is, I do…….

Enjoy  –  Glen Atkinson

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