Hugh Courtney – ‘Does not know what forces BD works with’

In “Biodynamic Preparations As Forces, Not Substance with Hugh Courtney” states that ‘while the preps work with Forces and Not Substances, he does not know what the forces are, and anyone who says they do is a Liar’

As one who has spent the last 45 years studying, and experimenting with the forces Dr Steiner describes for us, I find this statement ‘shocking’ and disappointing, coming from such a revered BD personage. How can Hugh work with something he does not comprehend? He can observe phenomena and develop some criteria for working, but how can he have studied RS for so long,  and not come across RS descriptions of the forces he is describing. An example of three key RS lectures describing some of the forces active in life, can be found in my recent ‘web book ’Essential Biodynamics’ a good basis,  and further we have Dr Lievegoed’s work providing a more in depth image of the planetary forces RS mentions during the Agriculture lectures , amongst many other possible references of what forces we are working with.

I have always been under the impression that ‘consciously knowing the forces behind manifestation’ was THE main reason for an in depth study of RS’s “Agriculture” and Biodynamics in general. The forces we are working with are those very real electro magnetic (EM) activities from the Stars, Planets, Atmosphere and Earth. We can also venture into the ‘Di Magnetic’ brother of (EM), however this is hardly necessary, given the fact all living things are embedded with the EM fabric of Creation, and very little occurs without going through this matrix. What is it that BD does that is not effecting this fabric?

We gather through Hugh’s talk that he is an avid dowser, and this may well be why he has not bothered to ‘know the creative forces’. He does not need to, he only has to ask his unconsciousness for the answers. Thus he stays ‘unconscious’ of what the forces actually are.

Might I suggest if you ‘like Hugh’ , and desire ‘Conscious Biodynamics’,  be prepared to move ‘beyond him’.

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