Past Life Karma plays into Next Life

As part of the ‘Rudolf Steiner is Jordon Peterson story, I note this co incidence.

The present Pluto transits upon Dr Steiner’s birth chart, which indicate a time of fundamental questioning and review, coincides with this period – Sep 2019 – when JP is in Rehab for drug addiction. Obviously a time in his life for some fundamental questioning and review.

JP’s own tense transits for this period do not usually lead to death. Saturn on his Moon indicates the karmic digestive problems he inherited from RS. This can be fatal, but not usually. RS has the real death aspects, now.

(Feb 2020) Just saw Jordon’s daughter talking on RT about how JP nearly died in Sep 2019, when Pluto transited RS Saturn. This is often a ‘death’ aspect.

I appreciate this is may appear a ‘wild call’. I am just observing phenomena………

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as a cross reference here is Jordon Peterson’s tension chart for the same period.

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Note the Saturn North Node transit the Moon in September 2019.

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