Is Jordon Peterson the Reincarnation of Rudolf Steiner?

Is Jordon Peterson the reincarnation of Rudolf Steiner?         

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I recently talked with a Steiner friend who has significant psychic capacities, about this proposition. Today I received this email.

“Hi Glen

Regarding JP and RS.
I did some inner research and met up with their souls, and their higher self.
The higher self is the same for both people.
Also watched a lecture where JP went through his 12 Rules. It’s so much a restatement of RS fundamental exercises, combined with ethical individualism. Plus, all sorts of little key points from RS thinking, but said in passing as examples.
We could talk more perhaps about this. I also read your piece in your Garuda website, but get lost in the planetary details, picking up main points.
Thanks for mentioning this!!

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