Hugh Lovels’ – ‘Spot on’

This has been quite a week. (21 August 2015) Whew, and the most wonderful event this week has been my discovery of what Hugh Lovel wrote about his investigations into my Chemistry (Glenological Chemistry). In his recent book ‘Quantum Agriculture – Biodynamics and Beyond’, in the chapter entitled ‘Beyond Biodynamics – Agriculture as it might be taught’, which specifically focuses on my approach, findings and artwork. He says   “Time after time my knowledge of biochemical reactions has confirmed that Glen’s conclusions are spot on.”


This is so fantastic, because this is a statement of a man who has dedicated his adult life to a renaissance study of Quantum Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry and Agriculture, all with one eye on the mystical; and who has some standing in the international Biological Agriculture community.  His investigations have been over a fifteen years period, and includes several meetings with me.


We first met via the BdNow email list around 1997, and continued a lively conversation there, till about 2012. (1)    In 2001ish  Hugh and I physically met at a seminar in Oregon, USA. While staying at the same B&B, I had a chance to show him my chemistry. He seemed the most likely person within Biodynamic circles to be able to truly get it, and I was thankful of the opportunity to have someone look at its reality, objectively. . 


Over the years we have met several more times, and each time Hugh was ‘getting it’ more of it. So for him to now make this statement so publicly, I feel like I have finally passed the exam. An educated person has critiqued my work and said ‘its spot on’. Well yahoooooooooo


My own experimentation has long shown me the practical truth of my approach, however, objective acknowledgement is a wonderful thing. Thank you Hugh.


Naturally my hope for Hugh’s nod, is that it will encourage other people to take this wonderful gift to humanity seriously, and make use of it for themselves in their daily lives. Afterall it is completely free. Go to,  You can read all the available literature on the subject. Plenty of pictures there too. Go get it and start controlling the forces of nature. Too good to be true, I hear you say! Yes it is, but true it is. Hugh said so………… A huge tick for ‘The Atkinson Conjecture’. (Big Smiley Face)




(1) The lively debate was and still is, fueled by Hugh and I being on the opposite sides of the conversation, I have identified as the Wachsmuth / Lievegoed debate, outlined in my ‘Etheric Formative Forces’ essays. Why it took me so long to get this, is a story for another time.