Answer to replies on my ‘BD in a rational world’ article

In the vol 67-2 issue of Harvests magazine, there are two replies to my article ‘BD in the Rational World’. 

One is by David Wright and the other is from Andrew Seeger. 

Given I have recently resigned my membership of the BDANZ, I will not be replying to these articles in that forum, so this one will have to do.

The cornerstone of my article was summarised in the question ‘ what is it that we do that does not primarily manipulate the EM spectrum?’ In the many words both these writers used, this question was never addressed. Thus both articles are little more than justifications to continue with their unsubstantiated belief in whatever they like to believe in. An honest exploration of this question, leaves no doubt, that whatever we might believe is beyond EM, it has no choice but to work through EM to make it into manifestation. This question remains to be addressed.

Of particular interest is Mr Wright’s statement “Reconciling RS teachings with modern science isn’t really the job of the biodynamic movement. Its for those who have immersed themselves in those teachings teachings which he referred to as anthroposophy……..As reconciliation of these viewpoints is a job for the anthroposophical movement it belongs in journals for anthroposophy….it does not belong in biodynamic magazines…..”
 This comment coming from such an influential member as he, flies in the face of Dr Steiner’s intention, as shown by his lengthy agricultural lectures, for Biodynamics to be a Conscious Energetic Science, and can only continue to relegate the BDANZ to the ‘faith and faires’ label it has so justly earnt. Is Biodynamics really only for anthroposophists?

This statement is but one example of an ethos within the BDANZ I can no longer support, and why I have chosen to put my energies into the BD Ag College, a organisation committed to Conscious Energetic Science.