Hugh Lovel on Glen Atkinsons discoveries

Below is a blog Hugh Lovel wrote after my attendance at his Advanced Quantum Agriculture Course in August 2013. In it he outlines some of the practical applications arising from my work. His article is an expression of some of what I hope to bring to the May Conference.

This link takes you to the ‘Biodynamic Chemistry’ poster useful for visualising Hughs comments

Fruit Tree Problems and Solutions
 by Hugh Lovel ( after the 2013 Advanced Quantum Ag conference )

Dear Kym and Heinz, It all seems mysterious at first.

 I gather the two of you picked up on Glen Atkinson’s masterful grasp of the forces of the surrounding universe and how the various types influence our lives and environment. I’ve been knowing this bloke (Glen), who originally is from the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, for close to 20 years, and I think we were enormously lucky he could attend and participate in our Advanced Course. While I cognited more than 40 years ago in quantum chemistry class that astrology is valid as a means of identifying how the universe, both large and small, contributes to our lives, I am nowhere near the astrologer that Glen is. Listen to your Dennis Klocek Macro/Micro lectures on your course materials disc. Dennis is another such astrologer/biodynamic scholar like Glen is. Ten years or so ago Dennis used to do a weather forecasting website where he used astrology to predict hurricane paths and intensities. Living in the southeastern US I sometimes used to watch his predictions, which were far more accurate, detailed and prescient than the US weather bureau’s. 

Mysterious as it may seem at first, there is a science to all of this, and we can sort it out using the tools we have. Considering that Glen is in the business of selling agricultural products whose active ingredient is water, it is good that he also tries to share the understanding of dynamic geometry (astrology), the periodic table and biodynamics that he used to develop his product line.  Besides, the important thing is the understanding, and I truly do respect all the work he’s done.  But in dealing with the broader picture, let’s sort out our problems and how to deal with them at every level and in every way possible using the tools we have, which includes Glen’s insights into how the preparations work with the different planets, constellations, elements, ethers and dimensions. 

Glen and I did a workshop together in the Willamette Valley in Oregon back in 2001 or so and at the time we had a huge private discussion about where the various elements of the periodic table fit into what he calls his Gyroscopic Agriculture model and what he calls The Apple Of Life. At this point I realized that what previously had been a mystery to me regarding the geometry of the electron orbitals that a century of nuclear physics (since Bohr) mapped out could be resolved through mathematics of dimensions (geometry) if hydrogen and helium were treated as one dimensional vortices and each successive octave (based on lemniscular motion) was seen as adding a dimension to the picture.  Don’t worry about the maths, but this is what gives the various elements of the periodic table their functions in regard to each other. It means that carbon, a two dimensional element of surfaces (a chemical element), has the information of all the possible forms in the universe writ on its surfaces, or if you prefer, etched upon the planes of its particle vortices and their potential interactions.  Now carbon is only two dimensional (chemical) while silicon is three dimensional–which makes it a physical element. Calcium is four dimensional, which makes it etheric. Following calcium are the 4D transition metals that are key for all the enzyme/hormone processes associated with living organisms–all forth dimensional. How can we use this sort of thing? We’ve had a big problem in agriculture with identifying the causes of things. The result has been a long series of patches that only treated symptoms and left the underlying causes untouched. With the above sort of information we can identify causes.  It shouldn’t be any wonder that good old 3D silicon (along with sulphur, also a 3D physical element) forms all the cell walls and connective tissues (along with hydrogen (spirit) and the chemical elements)  that provide physical structure for living organisms. If we want this structure to be strong, resilient, durable, robust, etc. we have to ensure the availability of silicon (in partnership with magnesium and phosphorous). The chemical elements of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen support this with boron and fluorine as chemical co-factors in ensuring the fluidity and functionality of Si, Na, Mg, P, S and Cl. So the chemical elements (carbon and its mates) lie behind the creation of the physical structures composed of silicon and its mates. (I hope I haven’t lost you yet] The point is the internal, life (etheric) processes that allow for growth and reproduction of these silica structures is the business of calcium and potassium and their co-factors (lime and the transition metals).  So when we have a physical, structural problem, such as the skin of a nectarine or cherry or the stems that hold them on the tree it has to be silicon. We don’t have to think twice about it. Structural problems are silica problems. On the other hand, when we have an internal problem such as flavour, nutrition, growth, sizing in fruit development, anything metabolic, etc. it is a calcium problem. It has to be since these 4th dimensional processes go beyond the physical structure. But since what takes place on the insides of cells depends on what hold them together and feeds them from the outside, the lack of sizing in the early development of fruits depends not only on the nutrient supply of calcium, carbohydrates and amino acids, but the containment and delivery system that goes back to silicon and its mates. So a lack of boron and/or silicon will result in poor sizing in the early development of fruits (calcium) and poor filling out with sugars and flavours (potassium) in later development. Why do we have fungi, on the one hand, or insect problems on the other? One is a deranged etheric situation and related to an excess of watery lunar forces; the other is a deranged astral situation and related to the dry/warm solar forces. Whether these problems occur above ground or below ground also tells us things that relate to the seasons and conditions where these problems originated, which may greatly precede the time period when they show up. But we’ve got the tools to sort these situations out and remedy them at the cause rather than trying to patch them through once the problems show up. This, for example, should show Kym why splitting occurs in cherries. It isn’t all that much a problem of having a rainy harvest. The cherries split when their connective tissues and membranes are weak. This is a problem of stress and lack of silicon/boron/fluoride in the early, early structural development of the connective tissues of the fruit. So forget fixing it once you see it. That’s not where it occurred. It occurred where there was a disconnect between the warmth/light/silica forces associated with Saturn and the chemical/life/calcium forces associated with the Moon–combine too much watery nitrates in the soil along with cloudy, cool days in the early spring following fruit set and you have a problem.  How to address it? In this case it is VERY important on the one hand to spray horn silica on the soil in the winter to build up warmth and light and silica in the soil. On the other hand it is VERY important to have a good annual cereal/legume cover in the orchard and that the cereals suck up nitrates and deliver amino acids and lime as they are digested. Judgment needs to be used concerning mowing of the cereal cover (and probably planting a summer cover at the same time) following fruit set so the weather and nutrient flows are managed for optimum nourishment of the juvenile fruit crop. Also keep some phytolacca and nettle ferments going along with appropriate herbal BD preps to use in fine-tuning this dance with the weather.   Enough for now. Do you guys see where I’m going with this? You can’t even think about these things–they would remain a mystery–without having a framework such as astrology to make sense out of the warmth and light activities/elements of saturn and how this works with the chemistry and life activities/elements of the moon. For certain I don’t know much about specific problems because there are so many and they vary considerably from place to place and year to year. All I know is there are ways of sorting out the causes and shifting the situations at their points of cause. Sometimes it takes me a while to sort things out, and a discussion would be very helpful. So when you have problems, how about if we have a go at sorting them out as a group discussion? Then we’d all learn. And when you are at the top of your game you’ll keep things balanced and never even get new problems that sweep the industry. As you can see, I have a lot of time for you guys.

Best wishes,Hugh