RS relationship to ancient knowledge

“I will take this opportunity of repeating what has already been stated : namely that the contents of these lectures have not been derived from any study of ancient lore. What is here stated, is gained from the facts themselves : occasionally I have alluded to the coincidence with the primary wisdom ; but my statements are never gained from it. If you study the processes in question with care, you will be led to those conceptions which remind us of some elements of ancient wisdom. I should never myself consider it admissible to investigate any subject by studying the works of Paracelsus. But I am often strongly inclined to ” look up ” in his books how a discovery which I have made may sound in his language. This is the sense in which I should like you to receive what I attempt to give. But it is a fact that as soon as we look deeper into human nature from the standpoint of spiritual science, we come to a great reverence for primary wisdom. But that is a question which naturally must be considered in other fields of knowledge than the medical.”

end lec. 10 ‘spiritual science and medicine’