Biodynamic Agriculture’s relationship to Anthropsophical Agriculture

This blog is further to my article on Christianity and Biodynamic Agriculture, then defines Anthropsophical Agriculture as a different path to Biodynamic Agriculture, which is that outlined in Dr Steiner’s “Agriculture Course”

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A response to a BdNow email

 My impression of your message is ‘that people need to be free to follow their own path.’

On this point I am in full agreeance – and say such in the article – however within the BD impulse, it has come time (for me) to delineate paths.

BD is now a ‘free’ global impulse and is therefore worked upon by people other than Apops, which therefore provides the basis for gaining perspective upon the place Apop Ag stands with regard the central message. In previous times, Apop Ag was all there was, and thus it was naturally considered the central ‘idea’, however this is no longer the case. Interestingly, it is to the ‘right’ and in some case the far right, of the central message of the course, in relationship to others who bring in other philosophic traditions, such as Greg Willis, who we would place on the far left of the impulse.

My intention is to clarify the ‘field of play’, which in turn allows for non sectarian understandings and practices of BD, to have their place. Afterall, everyone has to be / should be accomodated at this table, not just the ‘in crowd’, as has been the tendency. Some would say the last two Dornach conferences have been working towards ‘opening up’, thus the center is (hopefully) making steps towards the periphery –  thus my actions can be seen as the periphery moving towards the center. Will they meet and influence each other? We will see.

I expect Apop Ag to continue on its merry way. It is not wrong. It is just not appropriate for the majority of humanity, as has been seen by its general lack of acceptance and growth, in a time of peak organic ag development, over the last 15 years or so.

This ‘definition’ is made all the more necessary, by the fact that Apop Ag does not promote or even research, the central message of the course, that the energetic bodies are THE basis of manifestation and solutions are to be found through direct conscious working with them. Please show me one common (or not) BD book, other than my own, that addresses this issue adequately.

IMHO If this lack is not consciously rectified then RS gift will not reach his intended outcome. It seems therefore, clarifying the difference between Apop Ag and the actual course, is the first step in focusing attention on the central message.

“Being ‘unique’ does not mean one is wrong, it means they are the first of many who may come after them.”

Glen Atkinson