Astrology comment to Jim Mora – RNZ ‘Afternoons’ April 2009

Jim: yesterday I heard on your radio NZ program that in a recent poll only 22% of the population ‘believe’ in Astrology.

I find this to be an astonishingly low number of people given basic logic suggests Astrology is indeed a fact of Physics. That this fact has escaped such a large sector of our population and indeed the scientific community, for so long, is a question all its own.

Firstly lets be clear on what Astrology is and how it differs from Astronomy. Astronomy is the study of all celestial phenomena beyond the Earth. Astrology is when we look back towards the Earth and explore how this celestial phenomena effects life processes upon the Earth.

So what is the phenomena beyond the Earth?

Firstly we see that the Earth is just one of nine planets revolving around a relatively small star, we call the Sun. This Sun in turn is only one of billions of stars within the Galaxy we call the Milky Way, which in turn is but one of billions of galaxies in the Universe.

What is the nature of these Suns, Galaxies and the Universe. We are told that space is filled with Hydrogen which acts as the fuel for the stars. But first we have to appreciate that everything is moving at incredible speeds. Our Earth spins at 1000km/hr while it moves around the Sun at 48,000kph. Our Sun in turn is traveling at 64,000kph around the Galactic center and so on. Movement creates rotation and rotation creates gyroscopic electro-magnetic fields. From the rotation of a ‘young’ star, we have the sucking in of hydrogen through its poles, which eventually consolidates and compresses in the center of the gyroscope, till it eventually ignites, as which point it steps up its production of all manner of electro magnetic beams which push out in a 360 degrees of direction throughout space. Thus all the stars, in all the galaxies, are beaming out rays of energy towards us. Science measures these in various ways according to which part of the electro magnetic spectrum they wish to look at. But it is a scientific fact that the Earth and all its inhabitants, live within this ocean of EM rays.

Is it time to ask, Where is the impermeable membrane that cuts you, the individual human, off from this influx of energies? How are we separated from it? Where is the scientist that says this activity does not effect us? I could go on…..

Glen Atkinson