Containing Greedy Capitialism

Recent events have finally proven the dangers and flaws of an economic system that puts the greatest beneficiaries of the system, the bankers and corporations,  in control of the rules of the system.  Change is obviously needed , but how much change can possibly occur when ‘the addicts are in control of the self regulation of the stash’.

We have seen , capitialism based on the individuals right to fully express their own greed, does not work and can not work if we wish the human race to be sustained into the future

There are often quoted one lines that say ‘ you can have control of the government as long as I can have control of the credit and finance’ as he who controls the credit control society and development. Simply put the change that is needed is for the means of credit to NOT be in the hands of the corporations. The means of credit has to be in the hands of the people of the country in wish that credit is used, otherwise he who has the most dollars wins.

I appreciate there are many downfalls to this ‘socialist’ proposition, however it seems important to express the concept, so we can see how far our reality is from this basic need, and therefore how far we have to travel.

With Pluto now entering Capricorn it suggests we have 16 years to answer this question. What the chances of us getting from here to there in that time?


Glen Atkinson