The Spirit in Biodynamics

The Spirit is the stars. It manifests through the 12 fold harmonic.

Plant Processes and the Constellations

Dr Lievegoed’s ” The Workings of the Planets and the Life Processes in Man and Earth” is taken a stage further,  providing the constellations relationship to the plant processes. David Robison’s book review is used as the base text, with a commentary by Glen Atkinson being run side by side.

Other related Chapters

The Question of the Zodiacs

The tropical and sidereal zodiacs in detail.
The polarity between spirit and matter evident in these zodiacs is identified.
A essay on the evolution of consciousness as imaged in our movement away from the constellations to a Sign based Astrology.
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Equinoctial and Seasonal Zodiacs

A further development of the chapter at the end of Astrological Science
We identified are the Equinoctial ( Cancer > Leo ) and Seasonal (Aries > Pisces) zodiacs as the archetypal and manifest zodiacs.
Then explore the Equinoctial Zodiac as the zodiac of the Precession of the Equinoxes and thus the great ages of evolution
Also how the Moon nodes relate to this
What are the ‘Houses’ of Astrology in regard to the above.
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What Should We Use?
Pulling together the previous info on what is the birth chart and therefore where is it applicable.
What is the heliocentric?
We establish a polarity between the Spiritual and Material charts
An example using Monica Lewinsky’s chart. How the spiritual bodies relate to these charts.
How to link the macrocosm (universe) and the microcosm (yourself) and understand the planets’ influences as they manifests as sub-personalities (your internal “beasts” and angels”)
The Angel and the Beast.
The 10-fold path of Buddhism for taming the beast – the journey through the Astrality to Spirit which is the message of this chapter.
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The Planets
How the continual movement of the planets and their “interruption” of the electro-magnetic radiation from the stars and magnetic fields within the Solar System, influences the electro-magnetic reality of the Earth and hence movements in the atmosphere, and human beings living on the Earth.
Patterns for understanding the Planets influence
4 ways of organizing the 7 fold planets
A 10 fold organization of the planets for human psychology – each planet described
A 12 fold organization of the planets for the human spiritual journey described in the terms Steiner used in “The Big Picture”. This presents clear interpretations for two ‘new’ planets, based upon laws from the Astrological Theorem.
Brief section on Other Points: The Asteroids, Nodes, Angles,
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Level 6 (12-fold)

The zodiacs and how they organise themselves and how the 12-fold process manifests
in the mineral kingdom according to the work of Haushka,
in the animal kingdom according to the work of Kolisko
and we look at planting by the moon using the 5 different moon rhythms.
And then the human kingdom .
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