Energetic Preparations   a look at various substances used to influence nature.

Equisetum and Fungus

A chat with Mark Moodie on Biodynamics 100 years past and future.   Chat with Glen Atkinson and Mark Moodie 2 24

The 8 questions of Glenological Chemistry.

Experiences with Glenological Chemistry.

Energetic Plant Growth

The Atkinson Conjecture

Understanding the Agriculture Course

This series of videos arise from 3 sessions I presented to the NZ Biodynamic Association Conference in 2014. Special thanks to them, and particularly to Peter Bacchus, whose determination, created this opportunity.

A review from Steve Erickson of Chaos Springs, Waihi NZ “Just wanted to say thank you for running the series of Biodynamic lectures in Tauranga in August. Although Jenny & I have been BD practitioners for over 30 years I always find your explanations and interpretations revealing and inspiring. A deep subject like Biodynamics needs simple and clear explanation, you are the master.”
Part 1
The  Ag. Course can be understood
Part  2
The Astronomy of our Environment
Part 3
Our Electro Magnetic Reality
Part  4
The Double Cross 
Part 5
The World Activities
Part  6
Lecture 3
Part  7
The Internal Bodies
Part 8
Experiencing the Internalised Bodies
Part 9
A  Biodynamic Glossary
Part  10
3 Fold Physical Processes
Part  11
Cosmic and Earthly Processes11.1 (.08.15)
Part  12
The Role of Clay12.1     12.2     12.3
Part  13
Fungal Control
Part  14
EM as the Unified Force
Part  15
The need for Minerals
 Part 16
Preparations 500 & 501    16.1 Part 17 502 Transmutation of Elements

Glenological Chemistry

Part 1
The Major Elements
Part  2
Trace Elements > 3D Chemistry
Part  3
Alchemcial Chemistry  Part 1
Part 4
Alchemical chemistry Part 2
Part 5
Using Alchemical Chemistry
Part 6
Substance and Force

Planets in the Agriculture Course

Peter Bacchus – General overview of Biodynamics

Chat on 23 June 2023   The Nature of Nature – 2 hrs

How does RS Medical lectures inform his Agriculture Lectures
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Who was Rudolf Steiner

Rudolf Steiner and the Circle. – An introduction to Dr Steiner’s story.        The Organisation of Matter book

General discussion