Further to Marijuana and Humanity

As further comment to the Marijuana and Humanity blog

M…firstly we no longer need all the moral or religious judgements, voiced in this thread, put upon the lingering side effects of substance use…….. as any negative effect of ‘drugs’ can be overcome quite quickly by realigning the bodies…..mostly by ‘pulling in the Spirit’ which can be easily achieved with Dandelion and Valerian along with Silica and Phosphorus and any number of other Spirit specific elements….the Lanthanides in particular…….. RS mentions Arsenic to help push out too much World Astrality, Stinging Nettle to calm the Astrality or Equisetum to stimulate the Internal Astral back in its place..etc….this allows substances to be looked at according to their body effect, rather than some religious belief. eg the problem of alcohol is that it disconnects the Spirit, hence the unconsciousness and possession side effects, however other substances – which I can not talk about from experience, due to never using them – appear to stimulate the Astrality, while allowing the Spirit to remain present. Hence people remember the experience, and are positively effected by it….seems peyote and Ayahuasca fit this description….seems the ratio of Hydrogen to Nitrogen in the formula gives this, while a touch of Oxygen stops things killing people……..also my experience as an Astrologer suggests that the planets also play a huge role in ones ‘consciousness’…. both in what we bring and what we experience at any moment…….some people, (like RS) with strong Neptune, Uranus or even the Moon, have a natural connection to the Collective Astrality, and need no help contacting and being present with it, while others can certainly do with some help to ‘peer through the veil’ to see what is beyond the physical and mental cage our society puts around them…..Folk with the Sun and Moon contacting the outer planets positively will have a natural sense of being ‘with Spirit’….Also if you have Neptune transit your Sun or Moon you WILL be more open to the collective, for a time. Some will experience this as a psychosis, others as a enlightenment, depending on how strongly incarnated their Spirit ‘naturally’ is……..the timing of this experience / delusion is predictable………Every substance is indeed a drug, they all cause some change in our consciousness – have you ever been dehydrated? Organ formation is our evolutionary response to ‘drugs’ from the past that are now considered food……… So really its a decision as to where you want your consciousness, and how can this be achieved, be it via diet, meditation, wandering about circles, or substances. What I get from RS medical lectures is the ‘game of being Human’ is to know your bodies and how to adjust them, as need be…..consciousness follows…….seems we prefer Spirit dominance in this group, and who would not want a feeling of peace and being on time with Creation. But our karma sits in our Astrality, so we have to stay connected to that train a while longer, thats why most of us are here, to ‘clean up the Astral’, which will then allow the Etheric to clean up. Astral stimulants ( and Astrology) help humans see whats in there. Keeping the Spirit engaged (and maintaining a strong Etheric body) is what we are really talking about. All the rest is clutter.