Marijuana and Humanity

Today I was asked – 

So what is your view of marijuana and humanity? luciferic? extraterrestrial?


false enlightenment of the earths healing process?


The short answer is………marijuana stimulates the World Astral (WA) forces influence within the human. This in turn influences / stimulates / ‘pushes out’ the Internal Astral body, (IA) causing a change in the way we perceive experiences. In some ways there is an enhanced ‘sensory experience’, but in others the increased WA supplants the IA enough that we do not, quite perceive things properly, right through to not feeling pain anymore and so on.    

 So……… what does increasing the WA inside you do to all the other bodies?  It pushes out the Internal Spirit / Ego (IS) , and so humans loose focus, memory and the Will to do much, and becomes more scattered. The WA, being carried on Nitrogen,  also has a consuming effect on the Oxygen carrying Internal Etheric body, leading to tiredness.  This is somewhat self correcting when the human has the ‘munchies’, were if they eat good food, they go someway to replenishing their IE, as does the fairly deep sleep that follows.    

 So the real issue is the pushing out of the IS and how this is reincorporated or not, and for how long this condition has gone on.          

But first ……..Stimulating the WA has long been a pastime of the Humans, and given cannabis has  been with the Humans for 1000s of years,  we  probably have a far better organic relationship with it, than ‘ modern medicine’ or even alcohol.

 There is evidence that many modern diseases are because we have ceased to consume it as part of our diet. 

Why do humans want to stimulate the WA? The WA is the planetary sphere of the Solar System. This is a very big energetic space, made up of 9 planets and many moons, that are all highly interactive. By having more of it , or being more sensitive to it,  the human becomes stimulated by many more ‘astral activities’ sensations, visions, emotions etc. RS gives a great description of this ‘inspiration process’ when the IS is out and the IA gains some freedom,  in the second lecture of the 1921 medical lectures, available at the RS archive. 

 This extra stimulation however will be experienced and expressed by every individual according to the structure if their own IA, which can be seen in fine detail within the natal birth chart. This ‘plane’ of human ‘internal’ experience is massive, seemingly never ending and constantly changing. Luckily we can track this by watching the planets in the sky, in real time or in the past or the future. Hence the many parts of the Astrality, both External and Internal are highly predictable.   The ‘condition’ of a persons Neptune, will often tell how a human will respond to cannabis and to increased WA. A good Neptune , which might have the Sun Moon Saturn Jupiter Uranus or Pluto  in good relationship will be able to use the increased WA as a creative stimulation. A tense relationship with this stuff  and people can easily wander ‘around the Solar System’ for some time and not get bored.  A study of RS ‘Neptune’ shows his refined relationship with these activities. Very little need for any outside stimulation there.

So effects, such as you ask about, depend upon the condition of the IA and how well the IS can be held into the astral, physical and etheric bodies, as to whether they would be considered good or bad effects. 

RS talked of the Astral stimulating effects of Arsenic in the 1920-21 medical lectures, and it seems to me its effect is something similar, however there is the nightshade chemistry that makes it more ‘indigestible’ / poisonous. So probably more hallucinations there as the liver takes a bigger hammering………..

While there are great forces and impulses coming from the stars , it is fair to say that much inspiration comes to all humans via the WA, which at its lower layers includes the ‘Akashic records’ of all human thought and experiences. Where else would it come from? And this is what humans have always craved, MORE of everything. This is indeed the nature of the Astral body – Desire……….and humans take drugs of all kinds because it is fun……

Cannabis seems to be one of the best and safest options available to humans, who want more WA,  to achieve this,  at present. Coffee, Nicotine, nightshade vegetables are more common ways modern humans move around their astral bodies.

Keeping the IS engaged is the trick……..People with good Saturn Mars and Pluto influences can do this naturally. For other folks,  homeopathics such as my “Ego Puller’ drops, Lead, Iron, everything on the 6th and 7th rings of the periodic table and any Lanthanoid will help drag the IS back into place, in some way.

I should add that Alcohol, also pushes out the IS from the Physical, but in quite a different way, and somewhat different outcomes. It too is a fascinating story.

Human experience is an expression of how the four bodies relate to each other. Once they can be controlled,  it becomes about where you want them, at any particular time………..