Pluto into the Constellation of Capricorn


We are in the middle of Pluto entering the constellation of Capricorn. It has three passes, Feb 21, second pass was Aug 21, and the third pass is NOW…….

As a reflection of the previous time this occurred, at the second pass of Pluto on the Capricorn cusp in 1773 we see this entry from Wikipedia .
July 21 – Under pressure from the Bourbon courts, Pope Clement XIV suppresses the Society of Jesus (brief Dominus ac Redemptor / Jesuits). Joseph II, Holy Roman Emperor, expels the order from his territories.

One view would have these same characters in the middle of our present dilemmas……..

The third pass of Pluto into Capricorn in 1773 was early December and Wikipedia says ….December 16 – Boston Tea Party: A group of American colonists, dressed as Mohawk Indians, steal aboard ships of the East India Company and dump their cargo of tea into Boston Harbor, in protest against British tax policies.[6]……..the third pass this time is early December 2021


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