Peering at the Sub Conscious

With Astrology we are peering into the structure of the Sub Conscious

The physical follows the astral, just as matter follows electro magnetism. The ‘we are peering’ is the Spirit looking at the ‘sub conscious’ / the astral, and the aspects between the birth (and progressed) planets is ‘our astral structure’. The game is to watch the astral play out the karma it wishes to bring, whilst gleaning the lesson or reward, spaciously / with equanimity. Your astral is your train journey. The timetable is set by you before birth, and the planets motion is the timing. We can get off the train and just watch it go by. ( Eastern mysticism ) or we stay on the train and live through the karma, watching it and picking up the lessons as they roll by, but as ‘thoughts and awakenings’ rather than physical dramas . Part of the question is how much drama do you need to get the lesson? Some people need a near death experience , others just need to thought. Astrology gives us a glimpse of the possible thought of the lesson, ahead of the event, so it can be imagined, then the reality is watched as its lived through, then reflected upon after the event….then see when something similar will occur again in the future. This is Cat Stevens ‘catch bull at four’ ( see the Bhuddist’s Bull story. ) ‘The real game’ is to be free of the astral, but we must consciously know the astral to be fully free of it. There are six more stages after we have caught the bull.

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