The Circle of Everything

The Circle of Everything has the 4 kingdoms of nature in the 4 quadrants. Within each quadrant all the parts of that kingdom can be found.

Following ‘Like cures Like’ , the spot where any particular lifeform ‘sits’ can provide the remedy for that thing.

Align the top of the page to magnetic North, place a small glass bottle of water on the spot for more than 10 minutes. Use as a spray or as drops.

A Human Game
In the Human quadrant – draw imaginary lines from the word to the centre of the picture
Run your finger along each of the five lines – asking ‘how much of this characteristic do I have”
Feel for the little bump along the line. The centre is 0, the outside edge is 10……….
Place a bottle on points beyond 3, and this could be ‘your remedy’. Anything below 3 is probably not causing problems.


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