Chemistry and Life Seminar in the UK

Chemistry and Life,

New  developments in Biodynamic Agriculture

Seminar with Glen Atkinson from New Zealand,

1st – 3rd July 2016         At the Field Centre  

Tiltups End, Bath Road, Nailsworth, Gloucestershire, GL6 0QE

 Glen has developed an “ energetic chemistry “ which combines  the thinking in Rudolf Steiner’s Agriculture course, his medical lectures and the Periodic Table  creating  a dynamic tool for  agriculture

 The seminar will give an overview of how Biodynamics can be understood, applied and extended through a more ‘enlivened’ working with Chemistry. There will a special focus on the role of Iron as a trace element, and its practical uses in human and environmental health.

For more details of Glen’s work visit

Cost £125 including simple meals.


Friday 1st  July 6 pm- registration and supper.

 Saturday 2nd 9 am – 6pm

Sunday 9- 1.30pm including Lunch


Bookings, contact Simon Charter 01453 882114, Gloucestershire Natural Science Group