BD Ag College

The Biodynamic College


Peter Bacchus and Glen Atkinson have formed an associative group, whose primary intention is to explore and promote the worldview Dr Rudolf Steiner outlined, within his medical and agricultural lectures, for the benefit of those working with nature. This worldview can be summarised as – Manifestation arising from the four primary energetic activities arising from the Stars, Solar System, Atmosphere and Earth, manifesting as Spirit, Astral, Etheric and Physical activities within threefold physical bodies.


Part of the impetus for this group comes from there being no similar group, working from this basis. (1)


The primary intention seems best achieved by focusing upon education, research and consultation, all pursued and achieved in their own time.


Legal form

The legal form of the organisation will eventually be a charitable organisation, with a threefold internal structure. At present it is a incorporated company.


Trustees – The Head

A trustee board of three trustees will be appointed. (2) Their role is to maintain the primary intention. They have veto rights over all aspects of the organisation.


The Governing committee – The Rhythmic system

This group will initially have up to 3 members elected by the membership, and approved by the trustees. Trustees can be part of this group, with at least one trustees always a member.

This group runs the day to day business of the organisation, with its role clearly defined as serving the intention of both the trustees and the membership.


Membership – The Metabolic system

A subscription based membership is offered to interested parties. Members have voting rights for the committee, and access to the membership section of the website and other benefits.


This part of the organisation also includes the student body who may not be members of the organisation.


Why a College?

A college fulfills several intentions

  1. It is a place of education and research and can have a outreach function. 
  2. It is a place where people come to meet, discuss and explore the pursuit of particular academic and practical interests.
  3. Colleges usually have the form outlined, with trustees holding the intention, a staff body and a student body.
  4. Colleges are often funded via endowments, donations and fees.


The Way Forward

A company has been formed – The Biodynamic College – whose shareholders will be the trustees. This provides a legal form by which we can immediately begin our activities.


 Membership is offered with an initial subscription fee of $50 per annum, 


Education is a high priority. A series of weekend seminars are planned . A web based education platform will be established, as a pathway for an international membership.  


Research is a strong interest and early meetings have focused on clarifying research focuses.


 BdMax, has sponsored a website, for us to begin with. 


The legal charitable organisation is a high priority and will be done as funds and appropriate timings are achieved.


Education Program

The education program is envisioned to occur at four levels

1) Physical 

This includes all basic activities of Biological management, Soil science, Composting, Permaculture design, and basic Biodynamic preparation application.


2) Etheric

Here the ‘context’ of Biodynamic agriculture is developed. The basis of the worldview and its the vocabulary is learnt. Goethean Perception and basic experimentation techniques are learnt.


3) Astral

The vocabulary and context are bought to life through studies of the medical and agricultural lectures and practical experimentation, providing the tools of the Art.


4) Spirit

Practicing the Art. Becoming the Adept at controlling nature through conscious control of its forces.


Courses and mentoring of all four levels will be offered as appropriate, however each level needs to be completed before the subsequent levels can be attended.




  1. (1) Several lessons can be learnt, by observing the development and decline of other organisations, around the world. (a) the way non elected employees come to dominate the membership (b) individuals use the community resource for their own financial security (c) the path of spiritual science devolves into stories of faith and fairies (d) all members impulses for development of the primary intention are not honoured 


(2) A very common ‘problem’ of organisations, is the manipulation and control of the group by a very small number of individuals, who then use the public organisation for their private goals, thus perverting the primary intention of the group. This is often achieved by having non elected ‘secretaries’, who ‘out live’ a sequence of revolving committee members, thus becoming the paid repository of ‘all organisational knowledge’. Paid staff are ultimately motivated by securing their livelihood, and thus often have to control the group to feel secure.

To overcome this seemingly inevitable outcome, we will have a ‘head’ body who have the ultimate decision making ability, and responsibility for the primary intention to be served at all times. Secondary rules will be included to have all paid and non paid employees positions reconfirmed annually by the membership and trustees.

While trustees will be initially appointed, a process of nomination of future trustees from the membership will be included, however the final decision will remain with the remaining trustees.




Membership is now open to all who wish to support this intention. Please go to the following link.

Membership is conditional on ‘acceptablity’ and payments will be refunded if you are not accepted.