Empathetic Perception

Joke Bloksma says in her  ‘Methods for empathetic perception as an instrument to finding the balance’

How can we know if we have got the right balance for the specific plant, given the environmental conditions? This
is where the seven steps of empathetic perception can be used. To do this, we put ourselves inside the plant and perceive in our own bodies – that is to say, with our own souls – what is going on in the plant. The important point is to be able to decide whether it is really the plant that you feel, or only yourself.

We first make sure that we are connected to the earth and are inwardly calm (1). We let go of any expectations about the observation (2). We look at the plant attentively and link ourselves to it. This can result in a warm flow between us and the plant (3). By means of this connection, we try to follow the gestures of the plant in our own body (4). How does it feel? Is it in balance? How much energy does it have? Is the plant’s movement directed upwards or downwards? (5) After this process we thank the plant and come back to ourselves (6). Finally, we try to find words or pictures to express what is happening in the plant (7).

The method of empathetic perception thus provides a means of yourself becom- ing an instrument for finding the ideal balance.

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