Through the Seasons


November is when to grasses in the pasture grow their flower and seed stems every year in the southern hemisphere. It coincides with Sun having the constellation of Libra as a background – Peter Bacchus

22 Oct 2020 -Southern Hemisphere –  the garden is looking at its most wonderful. I note that the Etheric / chemical ether is reaching its peak of power, while the Astral / light ether is reaching half strength. While the Spirit / warmth ether has yet to begin its contractive deathly influence above ground.

This is the period of the ‘Life Sap’ when the Undines and Slyphs are free to play in the light filling water to create the leaves for photosynthesis and bring the flowers into readiness for the warmth to take hold from around the 5th November.

Unfettered health, when nature blooms with adolescence.





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