All ‘The Ethers’ quotes in the Agriculture Course

Below are ALL of the references to the Ethers within the Ag course…………….

“These minerals are entirely dependent upon the activities of forces coming from the remotest parts of the Cosmos, and, improbable as it may appear, it is primarily through the medium of siliceous sand that it comes about that soil contains and radiates upwards what may be called its elements of life-ether and chemical activity (chemical ether).” Lec 2 ……..In the German this interprets as ‘the Etheric activities and physical chemical substances’. so 4/10 reference……….

“But every science which limits itself to the physical is liable to this error. It can only understand dead corpses. In reality oxygen is the bearer of the living ether and this living ether takes hold of the oxygen through the mediation of sulphur.” Lec 3…..If we read on it is clear this is talking of the oxygen carrying all of the Etheric, not just one Ether. so 2/10 reference………..

“One thing is always being affected by another. In these materialistic days, only the more palpable effects of this interaction are noted, such as when one thing is eaten or digested by another, or when the dung of animals is used for the soil. In addition to these, however, finer interactions amongst more delicate forces and substances are continually taking place: through warmth, through the chemical-etheric element which is continually at work in the atmosphere, and through the life-ether. Unless we take account of these more delicate interactions, we shall make no progress, at any rate in certain departments of Agriculture.” Lec 7 ……..10/10 reference……..

so folks THIS IS IT this is the total reference to the Ethers in the course……….(A) what are the other 120 pages talking about (B) Why have we become so obsessed by ‘The Ethers’ and keep saying RS talked of them in the Ag course when THIS IS IT…..He made a passing reference………

He did talk of the 4 primary Energetic Activities linked to the Galaxy, Solar System Atmosphere and Earth and their 4 Physical Formative Forces taking place within three physical systems, as his base ‘formative’ references……..THATS IT……..

WTF is going on………when are we going to start talking about what he actually said in the Ag course…………

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