What is the role of the Yarrow Prep?

In the Ag course piece (Lecture 5) – for me the main line in this text is “it can set right all troubles which are caused by any weakness in the astral body, “…… The real question that arises from all of RS statements about the preps energetic activities is ‘How is this achieved?’ Does it strengthen the Astral body, or does it effect the relationship between the Astral body and the Etheric? ……….. The medical lectures give a good picture of the kidney bladder system, as the place the World Astrality is received and processed into our metabolic / physical being. If this process is malfunctioning then all manner of psychological problems will arise for the individual, not to mention the physical problems such as stones, shrunken kidney, and nitrate poisoning. My ‘Equisetum and Fungus’ articlehttp://garudabd.org/…/garudabd…/files/Equisetum-v7_0.pdf gives a RS look at the kidney, but in this case RS is suggesting Equisetum (Eq Av) rather than Yarrow. In this exploration we can see Eq Av is used to stimulate the Internal Astral activity against the ‘World” Astral. So we can say of Eq Av “it can set right all troubles which are caused by any weakness in the astral body, ” , also, however this is done in a very different way by Yarrow than that done by Eq Av…….Lievegoed – http://garudabd.org/…/files/Energetic-Activities-17-3.pdf– gives a very good image of the Yarrow prep, with the outcome being that 502 ‘opens up the Etheric to the inward moving Astrality’ ……..In the medical lectures RS talks in several places of how the Physical and Etheric bodies block off the Astral and Spirit from combining with them. It is Yarrow that opens up the Etheric body, so that the Astrality can be received. This is a Venus gesture, where the Venus creates environments and situations for people to interact. Observe your Libran and to a lesser degree your Taurus friends……… 502 is creating space for something to occur, rather than strengthening the Astrality to push through the barrier, which is more of a Eq Av activity. Nettle comes into this play, as well, by harmonising an overly active Astrality that is too strong and over powering / pushing the Etheric. I see it as pulling the Astral off, while Yarrow is opening from below, to receive the ‘fructifying’ astrality….These three preps ‘harmonise the middle’……The role of the stag in particular, as the polarity of the cow, has the metabolic processes , created by the interplay of the metabolic Astral \ Cosmic Substance and the metabolic etheric / Earthly Forces, that work forwards and are then reflected back to the metabolism by the cow horns – in the stag, flow outwards via the antlers, providing it with a sensitive metabolic clairvoyance. This is also true of a source of clairvoyance in humans. Hence the stag has a particularly fine relationship to the integration of the astrality, and this is concentrated in its kidney bladder system……….I could go on how Potassium and Sulphur are elements of the Etheric / Astral interplay from my chemistry, but that is a more complicated story………So with 502 , “it can set right all troubles which are caused by any weakness in the astral body,” by opening the Etheric , from below, to receive the astrality when it is too weak to penetrate deeply enough to combine with the Etheric……….This action will influence all manner of insect attacks, pollination problems, as well as fruit sizing and flavour issues.

regarding Potassium (K) and Sulphur (S) – see AllinOne Periodic
We find K as an electrolyte in the inner cellular fluids, as well as part of the electrical conductivity in the nerve synapse. As an alkali element it is also functional in the flowing of water within a living system. So it is an element that controls the energetic movement ( Astrality) within the water sphere ( Etheric ).

We see this imaged in the Energetic Periodic Table in two ways. At the second stage of the organisation we see K as helping the Cosmic Etheric work into the World Etheric, imaging its water controlling activity, and suggesting a very good point to activate if one wishes to ‘make rain’. While at the third ‘Manifest’ stage of the Periodic organisation, it is on the positive cation side of the Astral arm. This emphasises its role in the conveyance of the life energy – EM – within living organisms, both within cells and nerve synapse .

In both cases we see K working with the Etheric Astral interface.

Sulphur on the other hand is found as a chemical catalyst in many biochemical functions within living systems. RS characterises it as the ‘oil’ that allows the elements of protein to function together or not. Too much S and we have Hysteria – too loose interaction of the bodies – and too little S, and we have autism – the bodies become stuck. S is a facilitator of living processes within the physical sphere.

In the Energetic Periodic Table (EPT) , at level two, it is the element of how the Internal Astrality incorporates into the Cosmic Physical sphere. Hence this is the Astral stimulus for ‘things’ to integrate into matter. What ‘things’? At level three of the EPT Sulphur is on the Negative Anion side of the Etheric arm. This brings its Astral / movement active of level two into the ‘Manifest’ Etheric sphere, hence the ‘things’ it is moving is the Etheric, meaning S helps the life processes work into the Physical sphere.

Yarrow by working with these two elements, helps the Etheric and Astral work together, but from the Etheric side of the equation.

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