World and Internal Activities in Plants

Dear Glen, 

Philip Higson, a retired ADF vet near Brisbane, sends me a lot of interesting research snippets, including the one below. I’m reminded of Clive Baxter’s study of plant responses to animal experiences in their near vicinity as detailed in Chris Bird’s Secret Life of Plants. No doubt plants respond to stimuli in their surroundings that suggest they are subject to sensation and desire as we see internalized in animals. It seems to me they also are subject to egoic formative forces as with Luther Burbank ‘talking’ to his plant breeding experiments which enabled him to breed a great profusion of gladiolus and other species. We don’t think of plants as having organs of sensation and desire, let alone self-consciousness and self-transformation. However, consistent with your views of embodied elements (arms) as compared to world elements (wings or rings) of your periodic table I believe it is consistent to see the astral and egoic aspects of plant life as impinging on them from the world astral and egoic around them even though they don’t have internal organs for a more direct (internal) connection.


GA yes, this is why I did the pics on this link re  The Spiritual Bodies and the Kingdoms of Nature  to show that the external activities were still there. They are not cut off they are a lemniscate twist.


How would you go about describing this in specific cases so the distinctions between the arms and wings was clearer? For example, the etheric arm of the etheric ring gives us calcium. But what about potassium iodide, used as first aid for exposure to radioactive fallout? 

GA My ‘sense’ of the difference – my reading and observation – between the ‘biological’ function of the world and internal activities are that the World activities seem to work in a more general manner than the internal activities e.g. the difference between P and S. I understand P is only found in  plant nature as P and H2PO and is described as the usher – it moves stuff around. Whereas S is found in many different bio-chemical activities and in many forms that are essential to internal bio functions. 

Similarly Ca and Mg are concerned with upbuilding bio processes, whereas K and Na are again ‘doers’ in that they are involved in the nerve transmission and cellular function and transport

i think there is a similar image with C and Si versus Al and B. Al and B seem to have more general ‘directing’ functions while C and Si get much more involved in the minutia of manifesting physical form.

Similarly the Halogens and the Noble Gases. The Halogens are fairly gross ‘killers’ – highly reactive hardeners, while my experience of the noble gases – via standing in the circle – is that they bring about an inner self containment, similar to the internalised Spirit experience. 

K I – from the Gleno Chem point of view, – based upon the World Physical arm – I see Iodine as being the World Spirit Astral ring. So ‘GOD’ would be World Spirit, Spirit ring , so Iodine being the Astral player here is therefore the guy who puts GODs will into action, and we know that while Iodine is so necessary for starting many essential biochemical processes, and prime director of the metabolic system, it is also essential for allowing the will to become engaged. So it is the element that allows the Spirit to connect into the metabolic will system.    K is helping to direct the external etheric forces into Life processes, which usually is an endless supply.  It is useful then to look at the Alchemical Chem – PT based upon Internal Physical arm, where we see K and I as central ‘metabolic players’. So radioactivity is a World Spirit activity that threatens to over power the Internal Spirits plan, hence causing cancer. So we need to strengthen our internal Spirit processes into the Etheric body, to stay alive, and into our metabolism to stay active . Hence K and I. 

There is a danger with K and I being soooooo ‘metabolic’ is that they will keep us alive however they do throw us into our ‘back, nutritive brain’, which in more intuitive than rational, for which we need P. So yes we are alive but will we be objectively conscious?

I suspect there would be several other elements we could take to cope with radioactivity. The Iodine is specifically needed though to keep the thyroid function going.

 There is a very interesting observation that arises from the whole Kidney / Equisetum story. The basic problem being the internal astral in the metabolic system is displaced by several things that are all perceived to be a World Astral activity. So the internal astral stops and thus its stimulating influence upon the internal etheric in the metabolic system stops and thus ‘sluggish’ digestion sets in. Equisetum strengthens the Internal Astral back into the metabolic system.   The interesting part of this story is what is perceived as ‘World Astrally’ ( a) excessive Astral or Spirit stimulation coming downwards from the nerve sense system, (B) World Astrally and World Spirit coming ion directly into the metabolic system. Apparently, the body does not differentiate any of this, as they all displace the internal astral, so it just reads it as ‘World Astral’ .Sensation and pain etc comes with the internal astral and so when we increase the World Astral , by taking some NO2 or other astral stimulants, for example the pain reception of the internal astral are decreased. Ones sensitivity to the World Astral increases hence increased intuitive and visionary function, but personal pain diminishes. 

I am very interested in your ‘response’ and additions to these suggestions.