Reply to Mark Moodie’s GMO article

There was an experiment on GMO corn that would appear to have been successful. I wrote about it for the Canadian BD magazine Stir. It’s not such a short answer but if you have some time:


A comment if I may

Yes a very interesting article and congratulations on the outcomes. 

My comment is about your rationale around the plants I ‘finding a planetary home on Jupiter’. There is an earlier  comment that the plants individuality resides in the world of the planets and the stars. Both correct statements within certain contexts, but your description leaves open huge areas for future confusion. 

These comments suggest you may not fully appreciate the difference between a planet and a star.  Stars are huge energy generators and organizers, hence the source of the formative impulse we call ‘individuality’ and what becomes the source of a species, as suggested by both Paracelseus and Lievegoed.  While planets are balls of solar dross that exist ONLY because of the activity of the Sun, and its body in which the planet exists. Hence the planets are the organs of the Sun’s astral body.

Your comments regarding Jupiter acting as a planetary home of plant individualities, seems a reasonable conclusion, given what is said in the course regarding Dandelion, and how it helps to bind the Hydrogen to Carbon, which in the light of the third lecture says that the Jupiter preparation, is helping the Spirit to bind to the physical body. But what needs to be clarified in your statement, is that the impulse of your corn plant has been sourced from a star, (which exact star at this time is undetermined by BD science, although astrology’s studies into the stars may help), and ‘the home’ the corn spirit is finding in Jupiter, is an astral ‘holiday’ one, rather than ‘a domestic residence’.

We can add that that star force of the corn would probably have the attributes of Saturn, given corn has been associated to this planet as its ruler for various reasons, due in part to the degree of acidity and taxicity associated with its digestion.  I suggest Aquarius may well be a reasonance of ‘its spiritual home’, given grasses are an earlier evolution than full insect pollinated flowering plants suggested by Saturn 2 / Capricorn……….Hence making your application when the moon is in Aquarius , might help.

Your comments about the use of Yarrow “the preparation that creates a link with the life of the most distant cosmos” seems to be taking a few liberties. In the course RS goes so far as saying ” it will correct any weakness of the astral body” and Lievegoed, I believe goes so far as to suggest it opens the etheric to receive the inward moving astrality. Which says it is helping the solar system and the atmosphere activities work together, and hence using Yarrow will help the movement of the corn spirit from the astrality into the etheric, where it can influence the growth processes.   Yarrow’s relationship to Sulphur also suggests this ‘interworking activity’, but to make this huge step that ‘it is receiving the most distant cosmos’, ( what is your reference to this ) without defining that whatever distant cosmic activities are coming towards us, and identified by Venus as ‘astrality’  are first sourced from a star and received and altered by Saturn , Jupiter and Mars;  is leaving all sorts of unhelpful assumptions available to those who follow you.

So as for the final choice of these preps, yes I can see they make good sense, within these contexts. I wonder if the inclusion of Valerian, might also help given it holds the Saturn 1 plant archetype influences coming from the stars, which Jupiter then moves towards the physical body. 

I appreciate elements of Apopism have yet to fully get it about the very clear differences between spirit and the stars, and planets and astrality, even though Lievegoed made an attempt to inform them. It is time this clarity was bought into our conversations. IMHO of course…..

Have you said anything anywhere about the role of the iron, gold and clay in these brews?

My thoughts on this are Iron is the Saturn 1 trace element, thus acting as the valerian does, just mentioned above.

Gold is the Sun metal and thus a spirit carrier, while Clay is the carrier of the Spirit/Cosmic Forces into the physical processes, as defined from lecture 2.  So with the inclusion of using Aquarius for application there is a ‘focusing’ of the individualities path through all four spheres. 

Good on Enzo, this is a very good ‘Biodynamic thought’ put into practice. It is very refreshing and heartening to see such active developments of RS suggestions.


Glen Atkinson