The Biodynamic Essences approach to health is built upon some very ancient principles. From the earliest times, the Ancients identified that matter was made up of the four elements; Fire, Air, Water and Earth. Rudolf Steiner refined this perception and showed how the many different levels of manifestation we have in our environment, organise themselves according to this fourfold division. (In the ‘Books” section of our website there are three books which outline these connections in much more detail. )

The four elements act as physical mediators for the activity of the four great spheres of our environment- the Galaxy, the Solar System, the Atmosphere and the Earth – which in turn work into us and other life forms to provide life as we know it. In the ultimate picture of ‘As above, So below’, Steiner provides the mechanics of how the Cosmic Spirit based at the Galactic level (fire), the Astrality based in the Solar System (air) and the Etheric based in our Earths atmosphere (water) work into the Physical (earth) bodies of the kingdoms of nature, to provide us with our personalised Etheric, Astral and Inner Spirit bodies. His healing suggestions are based upon the premise that illness arises from an imbalance between these bodies. Balance them, and an harmonious state of being will return.

At the core of Steiner’s understanding is a picture of how the bodies and their energies work together. The picture Steiner provided in October 1922 for the human organism is surprisingly similar to what the Hubble scientists are only now finding creates a galaxy, star or solar system. Science has shown us that once a particle begins to move and spin it naturally begins to create an electro magnetic charge and develops a polar positive and negative charge. The Hubble telescope is showing us that this same principle is taken to extremes with stars and galaxies. The star in the center of a solar system creates two giant vortexes at its poles through its spinning and begins to suck in cosmic dust and gases. Once this matter and gases reach the center and a dense enough concentration, it ignites and begins to radiate heat and matter out along the horizontal plane, at its center. This solar dross is then organised by the electro magnetic fields of the system into what we see as planets. Steiner outlined this same process in 1922 as being the basis of the Human body as well. In line with other natural therapies he suggested our physical bodies are polarised between our head and our limb metabolic region, with the middle zone of our chest region being a manifest result of these two poles interaction. He noted the head region is the center of our nervous system – and the spirit activity – which extends out to all of our nerve endings, while our stomach area is the center of our metabolism – the physical body’s base – and the major organ area. He suggested the nervous system worked downwards, towards the metabolic system, and was responsible for the development of the lung region – the astral’s region, while the metabolism worked upwards towards the head, and in the middle region is responsible for the formation of blood circulation system – where the etheric body resides. This middle zone can be seen as being healthy when an even balance is achieved between the breathing and the heart pulse.

It is useful to imagine a gyroscope or even a spinning wheel on your car. If the wheel is unbalanced then it will shake violently and slow down the car. Once it is balanced the car can go at twice the speed. Humans are an electromagnetic gyroscope too, you just do not see our energy bodies spinning. We resonate at around 7.8 hertz and respond through this to many electro magnetic adjustments around us.

Another insight Rudolf Steiner provided was to suggest that the spiritual bodies not only used the 4 classical elements but at a deeper level they were carried by the 4 chemical elements of protein. He suggested Hydrogen allowed the Spirit to become active, while Nitrogen encouraged the Astrality and Oxygen carried the Etheric life body into our Carbon based physical bodies. With this he provided the mechanism for the physical basis of spiritual activity. He went on to say that the chemical constitution of any environment will indicate the spiritual activity of that environment. When we look and see that our present environment is using up all its free oxygen in an attempt to balance the rapid increase of Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Carbon we can see that the willful Spirit, the dreamy Astrality and the rigid Physical body are all gaining strength over the life energy and immune boosting Etheric body. Hence we see the increase in obsessive disorders, psychological problems and immune deficiency diseases.

The Biodynamic preparations were provided by Steiner at the end of his extraordinary life to directly balance the working of the spiritual bodies standing behind matter. After 20 years researching them, the Garuda Biodynamic Institute is now proud to make them available as an effective ‘peoples’ healing system. Spend some time reading and understanding this essay and studying the diagram on this page. Then observe how it manifests in your body. Read the instructions elsewhere in this pack and trial the remedies for yourself. Their action is generally very quick but also very subtle. You will have to remember to check yourself a few minutes after taking them, to see what changes you have experienced. Harmony is a very peaceful state and so it is easy once you are there to forget about where you were before. After a while of experiencing harmony it becomes easier to recognise when you and others are off balance. This is the ‘use as needed’ stage of using Biodynamic Essences. From then on the essence pack becomes an invaluable companion on your journey through life. Enjoy it.

If you give the Biodynamic Essences to other people, watch what happens to their features, complexion and ‘light’ in the seconds after they take them. Each essence provides a different effect, however after a while it is fun to see how dynamic they really are.

Pack 1 of the Biodynamic Essences contains 4 essences designed to work generally on the spiritual bodies.
Pack 2 of the Biodynamic Essences contains 4 essences which act more specifically on the three main bodily regions and so work more specifically on particular ailments e.g., Hay fever, Asthma, digestive disorders and so on.

All the remedies in these packs are combination remedies designed for easy use by the unskilled. Another ’layer’ of Biodynamic Essences consisting of 24 primary remedies is available to experienced health practitioners for use in their own combination creation.