Nitrogen – The Carrier of Awareness

By Hugh Lovel

6 Dimensional Viewpoints

I’ve been doing biodynamics for so long from the viewpoint that it is the pattern that results in the coherence rather than the substance that I reckon at this point I’ve seen a fair bit of evidence that the substance usually gets in the way. So, what I’ve recently done is design a new radionic instrument that can work off of both the abstract pattern (designed purely by intention, i.e. by dowsing) on a radionic card and the pattern directly picked up from a substance on the plate portion of the circuit. I’m testing the prototype, made by friends in Japan.

Astrology comment to Jim Mora – RNZ ‘Afternoons’ April 2009

Jim: yesterday I heard on your radio NZ program that in a recent poll only 22% of the population ‘believe’ in Astrology. I find this to be an astonishingly low number of people given basic logic suggests Astrology is indeed a fact of Physics. That this fact has escaped such a large sector of our population and indeed the scientific community, for so long, is a question all its own.

Astrology comment to Jim Mora – RNZ ‘Afternoons’ April 2009

Containing Greedy Capitialism

Recent events have finally proven the dangers and flaws of an economic system that puts the greatest beneficiaries of the system, the bankers and corporations,  in control of the rules of the system.  Change is obviously needed , but how much change can possibly occur when ‘the addicts are in control of the self regulation of the stash’. We have seen , capitialism based on the individuals right to fully express their own greed, does not work and can not work if we wish the human race to be sustained into the future